Since Man-Mei Friday draws to a close. Let me get by an say that Spring 2012’s NoitaminA is the best that I have seen so far. For one, it talks about Bromance. Yum. The second, it delivered something unique and interesting in the table.

Since DJ meganekon is discussing how Apollon is depressing and realizing how he sucks at love (Advice: Watch Princess and I at ABS-CBN), I will talk about Tsuritama. This other show that is about Fishing and friendship, while Apollon is a coming-of-age series of romance and BROMANCE. This is about friendship and magic. Well without the magic. Or if we put Haru and the Alien as magic. What ever the case.

The show’s premise is actually simple. Three weird guys with messy hair met an Alien and they all fish for his fellow fish, who is lonely after centuries of being stuck at the sea near Enoshima. It is actually light hearted and quirky in borderline of Mawaru with bunny suits and all. But it has the friendship message like in shounen series. Despite the shallow message (well at least for me). Comparing itself to a overly subtle message of Ano Hana (which has a terrible finale). The development and the pacing actually paid for the cliché ending. The characters feels organic and it becomes a show that you would enjoy watching because they are having fun. It also never beat to have a recorder tune in the background, which push forth life to the surrounding, giving it a seaside feel and tourist atmosphere.

To look at it. This is one of the Anime that manage to blend tourisim and story seamlessly. Anime Tourism seems to be the rage these days and fans are starting to go out and visit sites where the Anime was actually based from. Although it is a question on the impact of Tsuritama, lacking the elements that K-ON!! and Lucky Star had that brought forth noticeable increase in visits. I am enthused on what is Enoshima is and perhaps, with a given chance, be able to visit there sometimes.

Overall, Tsuritama is a fun and quirky show. It has a simple premise, but it manage to pull it off with good character development. It has a great atmosphere and push forward Enoshima into the itinerary of a dedicated Anime Enthusiast or fan.

Series Rating: 4/5

  • Anton (DJ meganekon)

    That is just like telling me to watch a scum of a telly series. Princess and I murdered good female sense of fashion, and the history behind the hime cut. BLEH!

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