Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Taken quite literally.

But seriously, Lucifer and the Biscuit hammer is perhaps can be classified as the lost gems of story telling. It also proves that originally is just one factor among the many elements that makes a good story. While most series work on excelling and using their strong point in delivering its story. This one takes everything and blended it to become the most epic tales you had read. This can rival Gurren Laggan for epicness and One Piece for its captivating story.

This series ran monthly up to 10 volumes release. It ran for 5 years in 2005 to 2010 has ended with chapter 65 with a special chapter. Sadly, no one dared to animate this series and that’s a good thing. You need an awesome studio to translate this and there are few that can match the potential of it. Again, this series can rival Gurren Laggan if done right. My personal choice would be MadHouse or Gainax (the gurren team if they’re still there).

Perhaps the reason why this series slip into many radars is that the premise is generic. We got a 2 teams, one to save the earth and one to destroy it. The good guys are composed of knights and a princess with each assigned beasts to support their battles against the evil forces that looms above. The fate of the earth rests in this fearless warriors as they battle to their way (and themselves) to victory. But hidden in the plot, lies a faction that is also pent on destroying the world.

But that’s where the weak point end. The author did a wonderful job in making this series awesome. The is a vibrant display of character development that make each of them unique in its own way. Not only that, they are subtle enough that it organically infuse to you thinking about their personal hobbies and tastes. The author never leaves a spot behind and each chapter will captivate you into understanding each of them. Even in the downtimes of battle, where they typically go about in their lives, hang-out and know each other. Despite the differences and each having their set of personal goal. There is neither good or evil in them. Even the opposing force, where we typically see a baseless rationale do hold on his own to deliver his colour. Moments in the manga include him interacting with the knights and understanding and trying to crush their resolve.

Let me talk a bit on One Piece, since this factors in to my review.  The god mangaka Oda has it best known in delivering outstanding characters and brining the best out of them. One of the key things I particularly like is how he effectively use very strong lines (not drawing). Do you get that pumped feeling after reading the last sentence in the last page of the current chapter of One Piece? Does it pump you into wanting for more, be awe struck by the sheer epic feeling of inspiration? Well, this series also has that feeling. Ten times more. Since the story is laid out, designed to run at a particular end. It manages to execute those moments very well. On top of that, the artwork is oozing in that vibe of epicness that further solidifies the scene in your head. Not to mention, it also makes them bad ass.

Speaking of the artwork. This is one of the best artwork I had seen. Simple but has the punch. This may appear to be biased, but I like that it has one of the cutest shotas I had seen in a not-so-nude material. I also like, in my nit-picking sense, that the manga at least draw them completely from head to toes. Typically shoes aren’t much taken into consideration, but most of them seen here are quite done. But I point that out since I have a foot fetish.

On the part of the plot, which I mentioned that the similarities only lie skin deep. A lot of the issues tackled in the manga is about maturity. While older members are struggling in finding their “adult” identities. As the children are also dealing with their own issues of an ideal adult. The mix-match of cast also add interesting chemistry among them, with pairing that often and not work well together. It also has its set of tragedies along the way, that you wouldn’t normally find in a shounen piece. Despite its mature take, it doesn’t have any sex or anything in that sort of vein. The maturity comes from the grounded perspective and not pulling any sort of unexpected come back. They die if they must die. Not resurrection of parties. Things make more realistic.

Overall, if you read bakuman. This would have been a manga created by Nizuma Eiji. This perfectly fits his style of delivering awesome stories. Everything just flows consistently and naturally that it eventually attaches to you. The decisive plot also makes it rock solid. No plot-holes and it also seals much for any sort of sequel (prequel maybe). This is a gem that has been tuck away without ever given the change to shine. No Anime also makes is a sad panda. But with this generation craving for another Gurren Laggan epic proportions, then this is your baby waiting to be born.

Rating: 5!!!!/5

Another 5 for the shota.

  • Y?

    woah, I don’t remember any of these panels, and I only read the manga month ago… What chapter was the last panel from?

    • Solidad

      I can’t remember exactly what chapter, but it’s near the end. Around 5-8 chapters before 65.

  • fan

    Sengoku Youko is also another budding series by Mizukami Satoshi and is as good, if not better than Hoshi no Samidare, and I TOTALLY LOVED THIS GEM of a series.

    • Solidad

      Oh yeah, I’ve read his current work. My initial read of it didn’t grip me as much as this one. But maybe a second spin would.

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