Kimi to Boku

WHY, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!!! But seriously, this series rocks in pulling of a drama that is about nothing, yet, it manage to keep me entertained beside the cat scenes and my shota/yaoi tendencies.

The final episode didn’t really has the “end” feel into it. But at least it had room for another second season, but that’s entirely not much of a promise these kinds of drama. With a huge void on the fanservice department, lack of panty shots and nude boobilicous female leads; we only get is a pimp squeak drama queen, this one is a hard sell for the general populace. But for me, who is very sensitive to drama and characterization, with plot in between. I’m happy to had watched it.

This is one of the case where Anime tells a better story than the original material. I praise how the direction and pacing was done here. I do admit that there are certain scenarios that drag a bit longer than expected. But the gems among the turd are too shiny not to ignore. Besides, who wouldn’t like the ca- er, I mean the characters? I did came from the “K-On boys” club since is just a bunch of events that revolves around the group of guys trying to be old. Yet, each episode tells a different side of their relationship as a group. It didn’t capture me in the manga (closed the window after the first chapter). But I get to appreciate their relationships and their interpersonal drama from one another.

I mention this a lot when I talk about Kimi to Boku about how I like Chizuru as a character. He maybe annoying and nothing but interference among the bunch of stuck-up band of boring teenage ojisans. But I wouldn’t appreciate the chemistry among them if he didn’t come to the picture. Then, only Yuki was the only thing that keeps things interesting with him rubbing anything that Kaname says and do. But what about the rest of the group? That’s what makes Chizuru best for me.

In his part though, we didn’t get to see the resolution of his feeling with Masaki. Which still, I’m not entirely sold about his feeling for her. It kind of sprung out of nowhere and it doesn’t really have the “chemistry” that shun and she had. If pet peeves are concerned, Chizuru gets easily attached to people out of no reason. Is it envy, or the lack of a female harem to feast upon. It’s like you thrown the monkey harem support character to an anime that is devoid of sexy harem girls that will feast his eyes upon. Yet, I care less, and his tendency to get attached to shun and get envious about him is a nice flaw and it makes me cringe and like him.

I wonder if he gave up on Masaki for Shun’s sake or there’s more to the conflict in the manga.

In the aesthetics side. I’m mystified if this series is directly for me, with having the right set of elements that made me love this. From cute boys doing cute things, involving discrete romance and CATS, CATS every now then. Plus the nice musical insert during the series herald moments. It’s a hard for me to discredit it, for being customized to my likeness. My judgement my be bias, but I really like this and I would had blogged if I knew it in the first place.

Overall, I love this series. It has it short moments, but the cats just made it a win for me. The music is well noted and we finally get male characters that has a personality other than being chick magnets. If you like drama but got tired of pussies and boobs. Try this sausage feast. There’s no explicit yaoi fanservice here, just an above average drama that I would make you appreciate the other side of the demographic.

The Good

  • Male Leads that have a personality. Finally!
  • Good use of Music
  • Tackles growing up and friendship among peers

The Bad

  • It drag scenes a bit long
  • There are some dry drama

Series Rating: 3/5

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