Humanity Has Declined

Humanity Has Declined is one of those shows that you can’t easily put your finger on its points. For one, it does a fine job of delivering its message. But then again, it has a unique direction that sometimes alienates its audience, often muffles that point of the episode. But usually, it manage to deliver the point. But it never delivered above what it raised in the first two episode. Often the case, the first two episode is the only best thing that you would enjoy definitely.  But then again, Humanity Has Declined brought an interesting notion about Humanity and its inevitable decline.

A Satirical Take On Humanity And Its Decline

To describe the series, it is a satirical take on Humanity in its brink of extinction. Rather than we see Humanity struggling to survive an apocalypse. The series takes a depressing take but cocoon in this dark humoured comedy on Humanity accepting its doom and not doing anything about it. There’s a lot of things to learn from this series that is often hidden in the cracks of sometimes obscure jokes and behaviour. The notion of Humanity willing to accept its demise is something that unheard of and perhaps points into a scenario that we’re just too tired of living. For example, near the end of the series where Watashi told the fairies that Humanity in the era stop waging war at each other. Which points brings a good topic on the importance of war in human nature. As we can see in our history, which often plague with war. War is an indicator of Human determination to live. At the same time, it is the pride of humanity that war is a status of fighting for a cause. A future. The time era of Humanity has Decline, there is not future. Human society sees itself as the second base. No longer the top of the evolution food chain.

Other than war. Another indicator of the society decline is the desensitization of Humanities primal instinct. With the commercialization of  goods has made lost of Humans sense of value as primal beings. In survival shows, or reality shows for that matter often we see people having this emotional breakdown when the happen to kill wildlife in order to survive. In the past, Humans hunts for their food, and often the case, kill them. Modern humans rarely see a chicken being killed. We see them as this well-presented commodity forgetting that these were one living beings that poop and breathe.

Then we also get to see people no longer dealing with currency. Humanity is doomed if people never work in order to survive. To counter-act the desensitization of humanity to hunting animals. Working is the modern societies’ way of surviving in this world. In a world where you can just ask of food is unthinkable and the lack of will and value to work spells a gloomy picture of the future of society. To think, a utopian society is the first step of Humanity’s acceptance of its decline. If people are too content on their lives, their lives hold no meaning any more. If they don’t seek for change in finding value to their life, then there’s no future. That’s just a sad world to live in.

Fairies As the Present Humanity

Along side with the purpose of the series to present the decline in society. The elements of fairies added another twist in the premise. they’re the next humans that will dominate the earth. But in sense, they’re no different to the current humans now. They have the will to populate the world, but they don’t have the sense of direction of what supposed to be part of evolving as a species. Most of then, they are depicted as species replicating the triumphs of humanity at the same time committing the mistakes in the process. As seen in the series, which the fairies has done an extensive feat in solving problems, it is often ended in wrongly as they never realize the consequences that may arise in their decision. As in the case with episode 9 where the fairies built a civilization at rapid pace, but destroyed what made that civilization in possible in the process. Similar on how the industrial revolution impacted the planet by burning fossil fuel and neglect on the usage of its natural resources. Which future generations and the current generations are starting to consider in their advancement in the evolution timeline. In turn, the fairies is the embodiment of the past society. Contrasting the future society in which Watashi belongs in.


All in all. Humanity has Declined carried most of its positives by delivering an interesting concept. While the comedy parts are questionable to how far you can decipher its meaning and message. It remains one of the interesting Anime that has graced us this season and perhaps be a basis of a premise that takes the story of Humanity in another new angle.

Series Rating: 4/5

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