Ouran High School Host Club

Hello there!!! I miss blogging since I am busy doing my thesis and other documentations. Mr. A and Jay is furious to let me know to post something on this wall but I can’t since three months captivated me for my academic studies. Another problem is my laptop was broken, I don’t have any PC in my house which cause me a LOT of problems and I discovered three shoujo titles that you’ll surely love!!!

Let’s start with Ouran High School Host Club… OHSHC goes along with our main character here, Haruhi Fujioka which the first name sounds familiar with Haruhi Suzumiya in “The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. Haruhi Fujioka was a scholar student of the Ouran Academy where the filthy rich students came from wealthy families which the school’s motto is “Prestige first, wealth comes second”. She’s looking for a quiet place to study when she accidentally came to the third music room where the host club is. She opens the door then found six handsome guys who are entertaining their female clients. The members are Tamaki Suou (Founder / President), Kyoya Otori (Co-founder / Vice – President), Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka, Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka and Hitachiin Twins (Kaoru and Hikaru). When she enters the room, she broke a vase valued at ¥8,000,000 and have to pay the vase by being a member of the said club by hosting. Haru-chan mistaken as a guy because of her short hair, beggy school clothes and a nerdy glasses then the host club members find out that she is literally a girl. The story goes on.

Tamaki – kun finds out that he is in love with Haru – chan and he’s mistaken it as a “fatherly love”. On the otherhand, Haru-chan is a numb that every time a guy confesses his feelings for her she turns every guy down without knowing it. Later on, she realize that she’s falling in love on Tamaki – kun.

There’s three reasons that caught my attention: One, the “forbidden brotherly love” of the Hitachiin Twins which is I considered as “Yaoi”. Two, another little “bromance” between Honey-kun and Mori-kun and Three, the instrumental soundtracks are awesome just like the “Kaichou wa, Maid Sama” series. For me, I considered it as a gender bender category but if you are trying to search the said series it is under the “shoujo” category. In my opinion, Haru – chan and Tamaki – kun are falling in love…

I am expecting much more of the said series since it is on season one and have 26 episodes, hoping that there’s another season. I accidentally find it on Youtube while I am searching a video presentation for my subject. I hope that this series would hit on National TV since it have little daring scenes from the Hitachiin Twins. Tamaki-kun is very lunatic and fun to watch at. Haru-chan of course, she doesn’t care of her looks either if she was mistaken as a guy or a girl which is I personally experience it as a girl mistaken by others as a tomboy or lesbian. It doesn’t bother me as well as the person’s who they are rather than by what sex they are. :D

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