Deadmand Wonderland OVA

Thinking OVAs would amount to nothing but fillers or senseless bad directing one-shot series. At least Deadman Wonderland doesn’t dissatisfy. I would say, this is a nicely done side episode. But the problem with the main series still prevalent. Yet, nicely done.

There isn’t much to say about the series in general. Just read my review on it here. We get flashback 2 years after the disaster happened. Ways off before the Deadman Wonderland prison became operational. So Ganta’s whining and Shiro’s childish antics nowhere to be scene. I would had liked if the OP credits were fitted for the OVA; or just remove it overall. No sense having the main series plastered on something that they’re not on it.

The story is fairly simple. I like that the OVA focused on other character’s story for a change. Senji is cool in the main series. Kinda like Kimbley in FMA. But here, we get too see the human side of Senji. He wasn’t much of a piece of killing meat. He does have a heart to protect those who are weak and just wanting to survive in this world. Although cliche, the tragic outcome does fit the story a bit on Senji’s past. Although it seems that the story isn’t complete as it is yet. The story was a welcome change overall.

There are still some problems here that were present in the main series. For one is forgetting to adjust the brightness. Then we have those cheesy acting. Although the gore is toned down, so it wasn’t completely the same.

Overall. Its a nice story. I wish they could also do this for other characters.

OVA Rating: 3/5

  • DonKangolJones

    I don’t have a terrible amount of love for the Deadman Wonderland series, but I did like Senji as a character. I’ll have to give this a shot.

    • Mr.A

      I don’t have too. Its only an OVA, so it won’t waste your time if you don’t like it.

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