Girl Gamer Girlfriend (OEL/OFL Manga)

Another OH-NO! Manga in-house series, but this time it’s actually good. This comes from the same artist as Boyfriend but this time, manage to find a good author to write a story for him. The result: A better narration and entertaining story. There’s actually something going in here and it holds a lot of mystery as to who is the main character’s Ragnarok game buddy. Here’s my take on Girl Gamer Girlfriend.


That story is much better than the artist’s other work. It’s a bout a guy having first-world issues with his girlfriend who also plays Ragnarok. Not only that, he has a child-hood sweetheart who is obviously in-love with him, but never really see it so with a thick skin and blinded fantasies. The story again is predictable. But its much more entertaining compared to the other one. I know that the main character will fall in love or cheat with his child-hood sweetheart or would probably discover that his gamer girlfriend is seeing another man. There might be cheesy love of sort and in the end the relationship with the gamer girlfriend will never work out. The story telling, which is being told first-person by the main character, is somewhat similar to the likes of Diary of a Wimpy kid or if I remember correctly, Jologs. This paints the fantasies or problems of men handling needy girls or men with their problems understanding women. Either that, or my sense of love was blinded by how Sankaku paints women as greedy leeches who wants to grab your wallet. I also like that we never showed the “gamer girlfriend” that he plays with in RO. It kind of add mystery to it.


The Pacing in the story is miles improvement over the artist’s lone work. The story started focusing on the main character in the first chapter and slowly expands his world to the readers. That’s a good thing: I get to understand the main character’s personality, how he thinks and how other peopleĀ  treat him. It also adds to value his background. He’s an accounting student that is neither exceptional or problematic, or so I observe. The dialog is remarkably good this time. Interestingly, there’s an English and a Filipino page. I started reading the English page but realized that it is best read in Filipino, since it packs more into the character’s personality than in English. I am not saying the English is lesser, but if you are a Filipino reading it “as character would had said in real life” the story’s “flow” is more natural. Mind you, I only read the last chapter available in Filipino, the rest are read in English. Never complained on the English side.


The main character this time is pretty approachable. He’s the type of person who may go for Games than sex. That typical MMO kind of guy seen in the internet cafes near the university. He’s that guy either playing games with his buddies or quietly playing with his girlfriend. Very typical to average Joe inĀ  the real world and isn’t the smartest guy in the class. He can feel Jealous sometimes, but I think it is more on the Girlfriend using their supplies unannounced than actually concerned whether the Girlfriend is in a secret relationship with someone. That aside, the story and the pacing made the characters breathe life into the series. The main character narrates the story, like a first-person series as we are exposed to his love problems and the world around him. His childhood sweetheart seems to have stem from your “girls being insufferably nice to the main character” troupe, but I can let that slide since she is the Main character’s childhood friend. I don’t have much to say about the characters. They what you expect them to act, so there.


Same small nit-picks: I wish they would just go with right to left order. The art is better, albeit a bit different from the artist’s other work. I don’t see much wrong in that department. However, I do like to question the title of the series. It doesn’t sound right. Girl Gamer Girlfriend? Is that suppose to be describing three things? Is it referring to one of the character’s being a Girl that is also a Gamer and a girlfriend for the main character? If that’s the case, should it be Gamer Girlfriend? Why there’s a Girl in the title? Can you have a girlfriend that isn’t a girl? I am confused on the decision of the title and it doesn’t really have anything that puts meaning to the story. Maybe I am over thinking on the title, but titles are something that describes the overall series in just a few words or one phrase. It’s just a minor thing for me and I am giving the artist the benefit of the doubt on this. Anyway, I only read a couple of the chapters available.


I like it. It’s not something that I would be excited reading, but as a work it does have what it takes to be entertaining. I may not be a fan of romance, since this is what this series seems to target to, It the right strings to pull it off. Too bad that its romance, personally. I wish OH-NO! or some artist can come up with a seinen piece and have it available.

Score: 3/5

The Good

  • Has solid pacing
  • Characters that has personality
  • Good Art

The Bad

  • Romance. Can’t we have anything that isn’t Romance?
  • Left to Right instead of Right to left

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