Bio-Meat: Nectar (Manga)

Since Hoozuki Island I am still miles ahead in finding a good series where kids are brought in the most grueling situations. Bio-meat:Nectar manage to provide what I need, as well as go into topics that is in time with today’s concerns. Kids surviving the Apocalyptic hell and getting love ones pop one after another.

This Manga is a decade old tale, where humanity is in dire need to supply itself with resources to feed its growing population. While we today, Oil is prized such an important commodity and the world takes interest on affairs concerning its supply. The era where food shortages will be rampant and Humanity need to look elsewhere to feed its growing population. Not to mention, the solution to answer the increasing waste it produce in the environment. While infancy toward bio-engineering and genetics. Japan pulled through as the economic superpower by developing bio-engineered organisms to “eat away” the planet’s waste and provide “protein” as source of food. But toying with life comes at great risk.

If you know Resident Evil, just replace Zombies with alien-like creatures size of a Dog but most of it is one big mouth. Rather than infecting its victims it consumes them, in the process it multiplies from the consumption to uncontrollable rate. Our main characters are like the Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire of RE with them surviving infestation of a city and survived the drastic action of “wiping” the city out, just like Raccon city. As years go by, they gain experience and gets to understand well how these things act. They relive the grim situations they are in throughout their youth and into their adulthood, surviving the menace that would had been the salvation of humanity, but ended as the bringer of their doom.

Overall, everything about this spells like Resident Evil to me. It’s not bad. I actually like how the story flows. They survived the first outbreak, survived the second and outlived the dark chapters of humanity. The central theme runs around Humans as fickle and greedy bastards, uncaring and unfit to control the double-edge organisms. Each of the scenario are caused by people’s greed and self loathe. But either way, their survival did provided excitement to me and that all that matters. I like the art in this. Since it’s old, I will give leeway on the fashion sense despite that it’s made in 2000-2002, the fashion seems stuck in the 80’s.

Manga Rating: 4/5


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