First Impressions

July 12, 2014

First Impressions: Sword Art Online II

SAO II (2)

I took time to think about what to write for this post since all of the SAO fans are so hyped up so much that a single joke won the internet – and is now a Deremoe Special. Also, this is what I saw during the first few minutes of the first episode, which is like, wow, what happened here all of a sudden?

SAO II (4)

So, SAO II. Kirito and Asuna reminisced their time in Aincrad (and only Aincrad because Fairy Dance is a solid piece of crud) while talking about big data. Forget the game aspects and everything, one reason I watch SAO is because of Reki Kawahara’s commentary on technology. We now have Oculus Rift today, but what if in the future we can absorb tons of sensory information?

Come to think of it, I now sort of understand why this happened.

SAO II (3)

Okay, big data. Such places like Rappler, Google Maps and Contently’s “The Content Strategist” blog tries to make it understandable to people. I mentioned this because of what I’ve said earlier. Now, this “Gun Gale Online” (Phantom Bullet) arc will focus on the aspects of it based on Kawahara’s perspective and maybe take a jab against professional players, from how I understand it.

SAO II (1)

One more thing – do they use Bitcoins in GGO?

First Impressions Rating: 3/5

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