January 3, 2013

10 2012 Sexiest Anime Shounen

In spirit of everyone having to list everything that happened in the past year, which I can describe as being one of the “diverse” moments in Anime, following the shows with interesting choices of Art and not-so-traditional direction in storytelling. It is also one of the moments where we are introduces with interesting Shounen characters. Those that have more than a brain cell and has a personality more of a doormat. Interesting as it may. They things far more than other male leads in the past year, for that, it would be deserving to have them in a list for everyone to debate, agree or disagree on. So here is my 10 2012 Sexiest Anime Shounen.

What Defines Sexy

Before we go to the list of things. What do I mean by the word sexy? Sexy can be defined as physical figure that we can admire and grow our bones on. Some, put it in an alluring to almost magnetic charisma that sweep you off your feet. It also produces your harem of innocent and insufferably nice shoujo brigade.

10) Wein (Tari-Tari)

vlcsnap-2013-01-01-11h24m14s215He maybe one of the most awkward character in Tari-Tari, but he is one of the interesting ones. The bromance with him and his fellow friend that he continues to find is very sweet. Plus the way he engages the characters while being that innocent person he is, makes him a very likable character. It is sad that the series didn’t pry more into his character aside from his friend. There’s a lot of mystery in him that you wish another season would be better off having him as the main character. Wein wins the top 10 sexiest shounen character of 2012, for his awkward charms and innocence.

9) Xin (Kingdom)

vlcsnap-2012-06-24-23h53m55s188You might not remember this Anime. It did air along side Ginga E Kick off and it didn’t really pass well for most of the Anime Sphere. It does come off as your typical shounen anime about friendship, betreyal or lots of shouting and simple-minded humor. But then again, where can you find an Anime that is set in China during their warring states period? The last time, for me, was watching the Legend of the Condor Hero, which I can a test to, was a very interesting series. Chinese stories is very rich with uniqueness that I personally rank them along side the Romans or Greeks with their stories of epic proportions.

Rather than debating on why you should watch this anime, I rather explain why I chose the main character for my 9 spot. By the way, he’s the one on the right.

Xin would be you typical shounen character. The typical Goku typecast being ridiculously strong, has gluttonous appetite and always constipated. Even so, his undying tenacity chase his dreams is contagious and with the series properly improving his persona more than your typical hot-headed character is giving him the justice he deserved. He love his friends and certainly he will die for the sake of his Nakama. He could be in same terms with Luffy, but Oda has this more grasp than any other works out there. Still, Xin for his spirit and care of his friends deserve the 9 spot on my list.

8) Oreki (Hyouka)

dmp_2012-09-05-03h58m09s223Our female fans would put Oreki in their top spot for just how sexy he is, inside and out. His laid-back “conserve” energy attitude and the sense of dry humor in him is already a plus for most of us fans. Not to mention the way the story develops him into discovering more of himself and opening his doors to other and slowly falling in love with Chitanda is already a candidate for the top love teams of 2012. There’s just so many erotic innuendos I can write about oreki is already a prove to how lovable and appealing he is. Still, Oreki, for his stump attitude and dry punchlines is enough to get him to the 8 spot in my list.

7) Satoshi (Hyouka)

dmp_2012-08-20-19h25m13s157Hyouka simply brought the best male cast this past year. Our 7 comes from Oreki’s best friend and Connan Doyle fan, Satoshi. Which I find to have a personal favorite of. He could fall of the typical geek of sorts. His extensive “database” as he calls it and the being the compass that he is to Oreki in certain situations is his charms. Even so, despite the happy nature that he is, he does feel that he wanted to surpass Oreki at least once. Even so, his outlook and likable traits of being gang’s cheery guy makes him imperfect to a perfect likable charter. For that, he deserves the 7 spot my list.

6) Haru (The Monster Seated Next To You)

vlcsnap-2012-11-07-20h51m02s131Cheery, yet wild. Kinda hard not to like this character, unless you tick his bad side. It is an enigma why would Michi play hard to get for this guy. But then again, we wouldn’t have this rollercoaster romance from Brains Base?

To make it short, since Haru is pretty much what he is: Unpredictable and honest. There is by no means, your life would not get interesting having him around. He will stir you life so much that it’s like crack that you would look for once it’s gone. For that’ he is by no means number 6 in my list.

5) Chizuru (Kimi to Boku)

vlcsnap-2012-06-07-00h01m19s80If you have followed my past posts, particularly if it involves Kimi to Boku. Chizuru would definitely made it to my top list. There’s nothing not to like about him. He stirs the group into all sorts of interesting things, not to mention, the way he deals with his own personal relationship with Mary and the way he finally confesses on her is one of the best moments in the series so far. People may hate him for his annoying traits, but that annoyance has a purpose and in fact, it is one of his best charms, making him 5 in the Sexiest shounen of 2012.

4) Oma Shou (Ginga E Kickoff)

vlcsnap-2012-06-06-23h35m55s200You might be thinking: Wait. Why isn’t Shou number 1 in your list? You praised this series like its the second coming of Jesus. This will save the Anime industry and that everything before it is utter garbage, except Boku no Pico. Well, he is likable, but sadly his young age made him less experience as of yet. But then again, I like them young. Hohoo~

Anyway, Shou can be put along Xin. But unlike Xin for his uber confidence toward anything. He does stump in some moments, but then again there are people whom believe in him will push him back to his senses. Aside from the field, he doesn’t take stops or at least a iota of delicacy towards anything. It comes from the blood, since his father made him that way. His father would had been father of the decade for what brought Shou for and a step forward to many of the imaginary fathers from other animes that we never see. In which, his charms comes form his wits of doing what is fun and as a magnet to people who looks for the same. Aside from all the yummy imaginations and serious lack of doujin circulating in the internet. He deserves the spot of 4 in my list.

3) Jonah (Jormungand)

vlcsnap-2013-01-01-13h01m54s171Anyone who can keep Koko being loco that is shounen deserve to be on the top 3 slot. For that, Jonah is by no means deserve this spot. There is a significant weight that makes Jonah get the 3 spot. For him, dealing a life that he doesn’t like and keeping the sanity of Koko do any outrageous things isn’t something that anyone can do. We did see a sample on how Koko can become completely insane when they targeted Jonhan that warrant such destruction of unimaginable proportions. Beside that, who wouldn’t want a cute silent muscled kid with innocence, eh? For that he deserve the top 3 slot in my list.

2) Natsume (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

vlcsnap-2012-03-20-14h13m36s198Nothing screams of hugging our cute Natsume whenever he is feeling under the weather. His sad tale, will melt frozen heart with his adventures and his slowly, opening his heart to the people who is entering in his life. The franchise delivered a powerful storytelling formula that doesn’t get old. It is relaxing at the same time makes you feel all sorts of emotions that in the end makes you all warm and fuzzy. For the past four seasons, we had seen our beloved character slowly develop from this distant character wanting to live a life away from people because of his “trait”. To slowly opening to the people who starts to melt his barrier that protects him and the people around him. We saw his love to his new family, how he is willing to protect them. To his friends that wants to be with him. It can be painful at times, but then again, that feeling makes it a good series, and a good character. For that Natsume deserve the top 2 spot in my list.

1) Kirito (Sword Art Online)


Be as it may, a lot of people have been vocal about this series. The anime fans are divided on how this is placed in the top of the best Anime in 2012. I do disagree of this being one of the best, with obvious reasons, such as directing and poor choice of content adaptations. But I do believe that this series, like 2011 with Kujo and Victorica in Gosick, Asuna and Kirto is one of the memorable love teams of 2012. However, that isn’t the only one that made an impact to me. But rather, as against with a lot of people. Kirito did one me over for being the best shounen character of the year. He is a badass character that goes into the most reckless lengths to do what he things is right. He might over rule the laws of logic, but even so, most of the time he’s smart. That’s why he manage survive SAO mostly playing alone. Not only that, he manage to have every female character fall in his lap, perhaps because of his two swords dangling proudly in his body. Wait. Make that three. I would love to have that third one myself. But then again, there’s 16.5 which people are have petitions to have an OVA of. Then again, I would also love a pillow cover of Kirito half-naked. All right, this is starting to sound fanboy-ish. But then again, Kirito despite his plain looks, hides that sexy charisma that is so attractive, you just can’t resist it. Due to the unexplainable forces that makes you want to have him regardless, is already a statement that he deserve the top spot for for the list.

The rest of the readers can write their letters of disagreement below, if you think otherwise. If so, then you have a bad taste in anime. XD

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