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July 10, 2012

In-Review Manga: As God of Death Dictates

Since Summer Anime season is barren as your typical Sahara dessert. Time has come again to look at good Manga to read. Too bad that a lot of the interesting stuff are still in the process of either being released or being translated. But hence, if there’s a good Manga, I have to share it to the audience. Hence this.

This is weird. It is a gory manga with crushed bodies and severed or exploding head. But most of the stuff that compose of it are built more on the humour than being actually horrid and sickening. The story revolves on “tests” and mainly deals about High School Kids surviving vicious selection process by some God who seems bored and has a twisted sense of humour. It started with a simple game of Red light Green light (whatever version your country has, but it’s simply a “it” player finding other players who move when he faces them and while the “it” player looks away, the other players much reach that player to end the game) turned deadly with each player killed for moving. The player who manage to touch the “it” player wins and survives the second round. The “challenges” get weirder when the surviving players are thrown in a game of “tug-of-war” where they use the penis of a cupid statue as a rope while it says “OH YEAH!” in such strong and lustful tone (Okay, I made up the tone part, but that’s what it implies to me). Each time the characters are thrown in the game, the more messed up they become. It almost goes to a point where they seem to enjoy it¬†unconsciously. Amusing I tell you.

Overall, what I can describe this is, Hunger Games meets Takeshi’s Castle (Wipeout for those who can’t relate) with Jigsaw as the game master and host. It’s a series that is about a tournament to the death with interesting (read:weird) themes thrown into it. The series has just started, this won’t get you enough time to catch up.

Manga Rating: 4/5

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