July 21, 2012

I'm back Yo! I brought with me a new theme

What’s up bronies! Well anyway, it’s been a while since I went and do some writing in the site. Can’t say I am not active these past few days. A lot of it involve writing the very layout you are seeing.

New Theme is in the HAWS!

There’s a story about this. During our usual RtO discussion with Kuro and the rest of the¬†fabulous dere-moe team. He commented on the layout of the previous site, which I think ROCKS. But still, people don’t get my beautiful idea of having all of the site guts spewed on the front page, like an all-you-can-eat buffet of amazing writing. Okay, I am being sarcastic there.

Long story short: three of the five RtO council insist of changing the site layout. So here we go one Sunday evening coding and finally finished it yesterday. Little bugs are left Рall of them are very minor Рand will be fixed in a few days in time. I do hope the blog layout will suite your visual tastebuds and have your reverse chronological goodness as you are all  seem so used to. Anyway, enough about it. You made me level up as a wordpress theme developer so I should thank you for that.

Other Gigs and Backlogs

Now that I am done with the visual presentation. Though I do have other projects in mind, which should be obvious if you look at the main menu of the site. Just wait for its launch and it should be soon. As for the backlogs: that amounts to 2 Hunter, 1 Ginga and First Impressions of Drilland – another kiddy sleeper hit show, I you will see it trickle out in a few days.

Interested to know more about the theme development

I love to hear your feedback on the theme. I took notes from the wonderful and sometimes insulting advise during the first round of the Anime Tourney to come up with this concept. It’s simple, clean and metro. This theme is created from scratch. No framework is used and the backbone relies heavily on table design. Yes. That <table><tr><td> concept.

I am also open if you want to me to create your custom theme. Of course, I can’t do this for free, but I don’t charge for gold either. Just drop DM me on twitter or comment below if you are interested. Do leave your feedback as well.

Okay. I need to go down and cook my instant noodles and watch some Animu.

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