Spring 2012

July 10, 2012

Ginga E Kickoff 14: Own Goal

Pic spamming Shou as usual. Hey, he didn’t have enough screen time this episode.

Hanashima and His Resolve

This week’s episode delivered an emotional revelation that made me cry. It’s amazing that we never really had much of a story about Hanashima’s past and we only got to see a blurb of his “blunder” that cause one of this former players in a long-term injury. But we do get to understand his feelings and why he is so messed up before he was recruited to the Predators. The thing is: his coaching style shows off that he’s very careful on how he coaches the kids. One of the triplets even mentioned that after he finally resolve himself, he has a lighter aura to him compared before. It goes to show that there are still some things that he can’t get himself easily and meeting that student and realized that he didn’t quit his dream made him realized that he didn’t end someone’s ambitions and still pull forth despite the setbacks. You can see in the scene where he is speechless to see that student doing well and still even bear the same respect toward him as if nothing has happened. That awkwardness is very cleaver, as a viewer, it got me into the same feeling as Hanashima is and the moment that he left and broke down in tears is a priceless moment I had seen in this Anime. Finally, he can move on.

What Other’s Say and What you Want to Follow

This episode finally resolve the Triplet’s issue with “playing like a SIR”. While the previous coach and Hanashima’s coach all share the same opinion that the attitude will cause them their downfall. Rather than Hanashima finding ways to prevent this play in the future. He rather goes to hell with everyone and let the triplets do what want to. At some point, as his mentor says that Hanashima has a problematic personality but was able to manage by. In sense, Hanashima can relate to the triplets. But he also did what the former coach failed to do: by asking them why they do it. Base on Ryuji’s statement, it was mainly due to the present opportunity, or so. To them, I wasn’t really dirty or such, but as a means to carry out a goal. Perhaps they are going a scientific approach and ignoring much of what constitute a “sportsman play”, as long as you play by the rules. That conversation between Ryuji and Hanashima opened Ryuji to trust Hanashima and finally found someone who understands them. Perhaps the point why during the commercial cuts we see Hanashima and the Triplets.


Other than that, we get philosophical on the roles and duties of players in football. As it is a game of 10 servants loyally serve a king. The king being the one with ball. I think this is the next hurdle that Hanashima need to tackle next. Since he is, perhaps, unconsciously, relying on the triplets potential in the first two match. Overall, this episode and the series in general is the second sports series that emotionally moved me to tears. The first one is Cross Game, but that’s Adachi for you.

Episode Rating:  5/5

Note: As you notice, I am not posting as frequent as I used to. A lot of things are happening now and I am also preparing for something big. Something along the lines of “re-evaluating and studying the best course of action” for my blogging and development career. I think this should materialize by the end of the month.

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