Spring 2012

July 3, 2012

Ginga E Kickoff 13: Demon Exetermination

Nope, this is not Kagebunshin. This is just the triplets trolling.

What an interesting episode. This series really has a lot of strings that it can pull beside having the team beating the crap out of everyone. The episode is focusing on the triplets and it was done in an interesting way. The story picks up on the last match where the referee addresses his concern on the attitude of the triplets in the game for being “ungentelmanly” of sorts. With their play that is destructive and humiliating. The coach is still struggling to understand the problem and with the triplets and it also has the triplets concerned when their father is starting butt in the team. With the referee sees that the triplets still instil their destructive behaviour. He call upon himself his actions to “render judge” upon the triplets causing himself to loose his credibility as a judge and subjecting himself on the same level as he placed the triplets.

I find this episode interesting as that it takes focus on the referee’s ultimate power in the field. But I am curious as to what differentiate a referee from a Judge. To which both have the power to instil victory and defeat to a competition. Albeit, the referee acts as a observer and facilitator to make sure the rules are followed in a match. As well as sit in the middle of a dispute. In the end, referee judges the situation and render a decision that either team can’t object from. Referee tends to have a system that needs to follow and its decision are based on the given data that is presented to him. Judges although follows a system and base its decision on the data presented. A Judge still has free reign on the decision. His decision can come on their feelings and biases and thus factor in the decision they lay upon. The referee is clearly acting as a judge and not as his intended role as a referee. He sets his eyes on the triplets and makes anything he “judges” as “unSIRly” puts violations upon. But despite of it, at the field, he is the one that decides on the victor and the defeat of the match. This act would had been okay but he was blinded enough that he lets the other team go about their way in making “close-contacts” with the Momoyas. This doesn’t sit well and also puts the match in a unfair advantage, which defeats the purpose of what constitutes a “sport”.

The coach is awesome by the way. He knew despite that the referee is not against them, he still manage to keep his calm and directed the team to adjust according to the situation. He doesn’t give specific orders but more into making the team realize the best course of action in the situation.

Overall, this episode is AWESOME.  You don’t see this in other football shows.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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