July 9, 2012

Anime Ninja: Anime DB Search Tool For Anime Bloggers

It may not be obvious, but yours truly like to develop things. That’s why I you are seeing the “exquisite” taste of mine by making the deremoe theme. Although a lot of opinions and often negative perspective has surface for taking a radical design. But that’s just another of those “learning experience” as we speak in a person’s life.

In service or amusement to test my abilities. As an Anime blogger, I often found myself in a situation that I had to research an Anime for  review. to confirm or check for additional information with regards to the subject I intend to write. I believe this is the most busiest during the season preview where bloggers research on Animes airing and write their thoughts on it. The problem with this, is that most of the sites are not really are not entirely built for the modern web and most of them have slow and we tend to feed on many sources.

Introducing Anime Ninja

Anime Ninja stems from the concept of Ninjawords. Which is a online dictionary that quickly scans the wiki and produces the answer in an instant. Anime Ninja works the same way. Go to and there will be a search box to type the Anime you want to find. Like ninjawords, the anime result will instantly display on the screen. Providing you a quick synopsis and episode count if available.

The Anime title will directly point you to the MAL page of the Anime you search. But if you can also click the more info button on the right hand top of the search result to dig deeper without leaving the page.

More Than Search It Will Also Aggregate You To Search Queries From Other Sources


I am open to suggestions on how to make this more useful to fellow ani-bloggers. I need all the input I can get to make this project great. For now, I am using MAL API to do the work. But eventually, I will switch to ANN API which houses more Information accessible to third-party developers. I know there isn’t a manga equivalent for now, but I will launch it soon, hoping it will be better than we have currently.

Anime Ninja:

  • Kyokai

    Seems to be a nifty idea. Would be great if you could add studio and Staff information there too.

    • Solidad

      MAL’s API doesn’t have the staff and studio information available. But I will add it once I get ANN’s API integrated.

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