June 17, 2012

Toy Con 2012: Body Sore and Innovations

The event finally ended. A lot of money, time and energy spent just to bring you the cosplay experience to digital form. It as almost I want to do what these cosplayers are doing: Kill myself.

As the ToyCon convention face its 11th year with bigger audience and expectations. It pushes the Death halls into their limit. There isn’t much space left to feel enjoyable about. Every time you go there, it’s just hordes and hordes of people either cosplaying or showing of their penis (DSLR), showing off how much they’re dedicated to their craft. Or just want to brag their gear to other people.

Team RtO composing of @yapparidesu, @TCManila and I focused on the biggest highlight of that event: Cosplay. It is interesting, that despite the western appeal the organizers wanted to bring.  A lot of the cosplayers were Anime enthusiast. As for the quality of the cosplay, that’s just left for the readers to judge. Anyway, I have all of the Cosplay videos that would let you judge the event yourself. How the organizers gave thought of making the stagnant cosplay scenery, interesting, at least.

If  you want me to rate the event, using the way I rate  my episode blogs, I would go around 4/5. Now, how can I be this generous for the fact that I had been shooting at the organizers and the personalities that surround these kinds of event. Regardless, I felt that the organizers are trying their best to be unique in their own way. Their notoriety in the calendar year for Anime event didn’t came out of nothing. Let me share to you 2 things that made this year’s ToyCon an improvement from last year.

For one, they categorized the cosplayers. This provided a fair battle according to their genre. However, I pointed out in my discussion with Jay, that I would rather have them categorized by how their costume is made. Like a mecha category, light clothes, or PVC stuff. I don’t know. I am not a cosplayer to know this. But I can’t seem to see how, let’s say belldandy gets to have a fighting chance with gundam cosplayers. But despite my complaints, it’s a step above the rest of the pack that conduct these kinds of events. So I am overall praise them for that.

The second one that I find interesting is that they simultaneously conducted the Gamer girl catwalk with a live band performance. In this case, cosplayers walk the stage while a band sings. I never would had thought that the formula works. It came out cool and entertaining. It also add to the “awesome” factor and makes cosplayers think for themselves on how to play along with the band. As for the event, the band playing was the famous group Kamikaze, which isn’t really an Anime band. But their performance manage to blend with the cosplay competition for some reason. The vocalist is somewhat charismatic and very friendly. I never really like non-anime bands performing on a Convention surrounded by geeks. But I admit that I do like their songs. It’s like they’re the successor for Parokya ni Edgar. (Sorry for the international Readers for unable to follow on the references I mentioned in this article)


Overall. This year ToyCon is hell on earth. But it’s an hell with an oasis at the centre. They’re proactive in thinking of reinventing the never dying traditions of conventions. As well as put itself  as a force to be reckon with every year. Cosplayers, Bloggers, Pervtographers … people will always looko at Toycon as an event that is a must attend. As for you dear readers who want to experience ToyCon 2012. Just wait as I catalogue the videos I have for the event and have it posted here in the site.

Note: I have videos of almost all of what I  mentioned in this review. Stand by in the coming days as I go through each to be posted in this site.

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