Spring 2012

June 8, 2012

Spring 2012 Season Summary

By Mr.A:

We haven’t done this for a while, so we would be doing a summary of the animes we had watched so far that are not covered. Besides, Mr.A is waiting for SKET dan and my files to synch.

Knight in the Area

People following would wonder why I am not updating my post about this anime. The thing is: This show is BORING. With Ginga e Kickoff doing a wonderful job in being a sport theme anime with Characters that I actually like and care, beside that I like shota. The directing in Knight in the Area is horrible. Granted that it loosely follow the manga with a few changes here and there. But then again, what it seems interesting in Manga, is isn’t as interesting here. This show is a prime example of bad directing. It just dumps stuff and then move to the next one, with no closure whatsoever. So I will be dropping it in the review and just watch it out of personal satisfaction. But that isn’t really satisfying anyway.

Mysterious Girlfriend X

I haven’t watch the latest episode of this series. But so far, my interest wanes on it. I like the premise of the show, Urabe is indeed mysterious that makes Tsubaki very cautious as well as excited for having a girlfriend. He’s in that stage of actually having a feeling about the opposite sex and this show is about dealing with relationships in “at least” non-cliche but not to a point of being a wish fulfilment. After all that I had watch and see Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship. I don’t really see anything that spark me. The drool is disgusting. I would still prefer Tsubaki swallowing someone else’s dick, with drool dripping from his face in a submissive state. But that’s just me. I just hope someone out there release something like an Eva X anime or just make a doujin with Tsubaki and that other kid with a girlfriend having sex. It would make things more interesting.

Kuroro’s Basketball

This show is pretty damn entertaining. I hate basketball, but I like an Anime about basketball. Beside what I had said in my in-review. The characters are pretty interesting. It’s not just about Kuroro and the big dude. The matches are pretty intense, it has something besides we see our protagonist team winning. I think Koko (Jormungad) would be an ideal coach of this team. Even if the present team manager is very capable, Koko’s character could fit in this well, as the team is pretty much pushed to the breaking point every time.


I may never spell the title correct, but Jormungand is actually interesting even in times that I don’t really get what is going on. I don’t usually get entertained by mere flashes of action, but it does grew on me, since in those moment Koko and the gang develop in these particular scenes. As I remember in one of the shows I watched in discovery, it’s not about how long is your relationship to someone. It’s about the moment where things are tested that makes you closer to that person.

Lupin III: Fujiko Mine

Not really a title that I would love if it weren’t for being a part of a franchise I grew up with. Beside that point, I do dig on the hijinks of Mine Fujiko. She does have a different style of thievery as compared to Lupin. From deceit to bloody murder, even sexual favors. This series is in a totally different level from its past franchise. But other than being Lupin the III, I don’t really have any sort of attachment after that. I do praise the art. Since it blends the artistic vintage of the series while adding the visual flare of a modern Anime. I am intrigue if the industry will start remaking classics now that this kind of trend seems to sell well.


I know its not the “recent” spring anime series, but I just want to add it in the list. My admiration about this show grew as I watch it back-to-back. Despite the subdued comedy, it still manage to find its strong point and when it does, it plays well. What I do like is when the series try to pair the brothers into a scenario. For some reason, the moment it was revealed that Tsubaki and Bossun are brothers, it open a lot potential character development. What’s interesting about it is that as the series progress, we get to see the shift of relationship in the characters. Something that I don’t normally see in Gintama. In Gintama, it’s mainly one-shot gag comedy and pretty much anything that got developed in that point gets tossed out. Of course, important arcs are an exception. But in Sket dan, it knows how to use their skits into something that contributes too the overall development. Which to me is a step up and perhaps something that I would expect to someone who studied on one of Japan’s greatest comedy mangakas.


I was actually going to blog this, but then again I never got around doing so. But Tsuritama is a great anime. It kind of reminded why I find Mawaru Penguindum unique. This one is unique in the same what I feel about the former. Although the theme is a bit more in the happy side compared to Penguindrum. I thought that despite the director is the one who did C. He would have something sinister in store for this. Like that clause in C where every battle costs the future of a country. But no. Its happy weird and it continues to be that. Aside from that, Enoshima will have a huge pour in tourist here. Although I it seems that Enoshima has already have its reputation as a tourist trap. Adding Otaku into it may put things on steroids. So yeah. I like this show.

Kids on the Slope

Since I’m already at my 1000 word post limit. Let me end this assorted review with one of the BEST I mean THE BEST series that shine to the interwebs. The previous episode is EPIC. EPIC I tell you. The emotion followed by music is one good recipe for GOOD melodrama. I like how things get resolve by just playing music. Its a good non-verbal way of telling a story. I get that Kaoru wanted to reach out to Sentaro at the same time Sentaro wants reach out to him. It’s like each note flows to my ear and it plays the tune in their hearts. Unbelievable. Just unbelievable. Fridays has been my MANmei days.

By DJ meganekon:

Lately, my extra time for writing had been decreasing geometrically; so Thought Digests are still stuck in outline development. I’ll just give you my brief thoughts on the rest of the series that are on my watchlist. Do note that being on-hold doesn’t mean it is no longer on my watchlist.

Accel World (Status: low priority)

It seems to me that AW is getting back on track and is finally putting all of it’s potentials lent by its Sunrise pedigree. Most of the romance bits are already gone, and some pages in the harem-theme basics are getting assembled in recent episodes. For shounen series, this one is an ace ticking every criteria in my checklist for the aforementioned demograph. Still not enough to convince me to watch this every week and blog about it though.

Saki: Achiga-hen (Status: high-bottleneck priority)

Due to my lack of knowledge on mahjong jargon, I’m not blogging about this. I specifically recall someone comparing this to the “music” anime back when the mahjong-centric episodes aren’t aired yet. Reading this and knowing me would make you predict that I disagree with that guy. Come on, Achiga-hen is a story- and event-driven anime with a good pool of characters to develop and explore. More yuri context could also be seen, and it’s a great bonus.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (Status: low-priority)

Our Blog Editor should be writing about this, but it seems that he got bored of it recently. I also wrote an entry or two about it, but reading the source material (READ: the manga) made me understand and realise why the mysteries and events felt lacking. Thankfully, the late episodes provide good narration of the answers and mysteries.

Upotte!! (Status: low-priority)

This series about anthromorphisms of guns has taken quite a good following. It’s just like Hetalia, but with guns. It’s also multi-mode like the assualt rifles — it makes you learn more of the gun-geek jargons, strange metaphors, and sexual innuendos. The latter content doesn’t make it viable for me to write about this or put it in a higher priority, for I would rather watch Jormungand than this. Thankfully, the facepalm-worthy bits are outweighed by the entertainment it delivers.

Zetman (Status: on-hold)

Unlike with NazoKano, my reason for putting this series on-hold are both time constraints and translation delays. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like this badass series dripping with testosterone despite the anime adaptation skipping a lot of valuable plot points in the manga. It’s a shame, this would easily give Western comics a run for their money with the Anti-Hero and dark themes present here. It might be sounding cliché to fans of Western media, but Zetman still has a lot of Japanese-ness and original plot ideas in it. It’s not for everybody, obviously.

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