Spring 2012

June 16, 2012

Kimi to Boku 11: Sugar baby, Fly Baby

I know I haven’t been writing lately, since my Life has been getting busier everyday that I only have time to catch-up to the shows I like. But hey, I am not alone in this. A lot of the blogs I follow are also slowing down, perhaps with the same reason as I. It seems that the bloggers demographic all came from the same generation. Anyway, that’s another topic.

Dang, just to recall. Last episode was good. It was part 2 of the Mary x Chizuru love arc and Mary is starting to grow feeling for Chizuru. She did grow far from what we had seen her from the first season. She did came annoying at first, but as we get to know her. Meaning that how lonely and secluded she is, it’s no surprise that she had fallen for Shu, because he is the only person that put an “extra mile” for her. Now Chizuru, for some reason, likes to be that shining knight to defend a damsel in distress, falls for Mary for being what she is. At least from this point on, that series moved from the aching “I love him/her, but I am too shy to let it out” phase to “Now we have feeling for each other, but I’m too shy to express it” phase. It still run in the same ilk as every other romance anime out there, unlike Apollon. But the development did payback and that all matters for me.

After that, we are greeted with an interesting episode that I though will tackle more on Mary and Chizuru. But in this case, it’s a Mary centric episode where we see her develop more outside of just being the damsel and Muse of the gang. She slowly opens up to other people and realized that people can be good at her, or be fair at least. Not perhaps the assumptions of being Big bad wolf or “woe is me” kind of perception that perhaps has grown from her or was placed upon her. It also plays, somewhat, the same situation as Kaoru (Apollon) where people started approaching him because they got to know him better. Mary is starting to get approach by her classmate, because she’s being honest and helpful. Although I still have doubts in this seemingly carefree world this series lay upon. It does have the chance to be put in a real life scenario, with at least bumps along the way. But that’s just me being realistic and this show isn’t really aiming for that. Look, we have boys combing another boy’s hair. NO ONE DOES THAT!

Aside from Mary, we get to look at his classmate, whom I can’t remember. He was perhaps in the Manga episode from last season, where the guys were ask to draw a one-shot. My initial thought is that he might had a crush on Mary, further making things depressing somewhat. But it seems that he is also a fellow fan of the gang. I am not sure if that is a good thing, since we all know that these bunch of guys are mainly a joke for model students. But perhaps he admired them in sense that they are such a tight-knit gang and they has so much fun together. I can agree on that perception, since that’s what makes them great. So why does this formula work compared to, let’s say K-On, despite that they’re both Slice-of-life? Nah, I’m just being a hater of K-On.

Lastly, I am confused as to why the gang moved up the rank, where as Mary and his Classmates are still first years? Were they middle school kids prior to this episode?

Overall. It was a good episode. Not the best, but it was good. It didn’t go in the same old tactic and presented something that fans may perhaps overlooked.

Episode Rating: 4/5


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