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June 26, 2012

In-Review: Eureka Seven AO

Ah angsty teenage shounen robot fighting anime. Not really something I can tolerate, even if  I like shota and all. I never would had imagined that I would enjoy a dose of Eureka seven, despite not finishing the first one. But really, who does have the time to finish 52 episode Anime these days, specially if it involves Angsty teenage boys.

The debate between who is better between the two series remains to be seen. Or at lest, left to the people who had watched the first series. But in my humble opinion, I do enjoy Ao better than the first one. It’s pretty simple really. It’s entertainingly dumb. Not in a sense that it’s stupid as fuck. But in a sense that it is much more easier to digest compared to the first one. One thing that shunned me at watching this new series, is that it is another techno babble that I would not get used to. Adding to the factor that it is a sequel to a series, that perhaps will have ties to the old one. Fans of the original are eager and anticipating anything that is connected to the first one. As of yet, the series hasn’t shown any semblance to the old one, besides the main character looking like Renton and Eureka’s son and the Mark 1. The story is different and tackles much more closer towards real earth, but with different political climate as we have. Okinawa got its independence from Japan for example. There are also social commentary on current events and reflects some of nation’s attitudes towards foreign affairs. Like US being stubborn and clings to its super power tendencies and poor Ethnic nations being subjected to racial purges.

Another thing that is enjoying about this show, is how relatively simple it is to follow. The first few episodes of the Anime might drown you with techno babble like Scurb, Quartz, IFO and shit. But the pattern will become obvious to you as you watched. A Scurb will appear out of nowhere; A Secret will go to that Scurb; release the powers of the Scurb and will cause massive damage. Generation Bleu appears to be independent organization that has the capabilities to eliminate Secrets and deactivate the Scurb, ridding its potential powers. These powers are also very valuable to countries as deterrent or weapons of mass destructions. Generation Bleu prevents nations from obtaining and harnessing these powers for evil, but as it appears there are other agendas that aren’t clear for us. For me, it does somewhat remind me of Mass Effect’s Cerberus organization that has its ideology fixated in maintaining order, but it doesn’t put itself tied in morals. Although we don’t see the organization doing something “questionable” it does air that impression of sorts.

As for the characters. Ao is a very likeable character. He does avoid the troupe associated with teenage robot sci-fi anime, or the Evangelion typecast. He doesn’t get himself in a flustered crisis or personal dilemma. Although he does have problems like the rest of us. He doesn’t goes emo or put everyone in his misery. I like him that he is very proactive and all business driven of sorts. Despite that he isn’t the sole person that makes this episode great. He doesn’t pull everyone down with him. Plus he does and act like an intelligent teenage boy, and not a brat like Renton. He seems to be in a path of discovering himself and every skirmishes that he goes to with Pied Pipper, he learns a thing or two about the world and himself.

Overall. I am liking what bones did with this series. Not too convoluted to be confusing. Not too Shounen to be dumb. It’s a perfect balance of both that brought itself a recognizable attention and a friendly seal to people who never watched the first Eureka Seven. So regardless of not watching the first one, you can safely watch it without getting lost.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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