June 23, 2012

Cosmania 2012 Is the Most Expensive Mainstream event so far

The guys at the were tasked to organize a small cosplay event, held at mall near the Marikina river also brought with it some tid-bits for this upcoming grand event of the year: Cosmania 12.

With regards, this event also launched its first pre-selling of Cosplay Mania tickets with two tier price: 150 and 250. This also falls into the same regard as with last year’s event with ¬†the higher price aimed for people enthused on watching the stage events. But this time, it is increased, due to the prospect of inviting guest from all over Asia, including¬†renowned cosplayers from Japan.

To date: Cosmania is the most expensive event entrance among all of the mainstream event that has happened so far.

Source: Thanks to TCManila for bothering to attend this event and manage to talk to the guys at


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