Spring 2012

May 16, 2012

Kimi to Boku 7: Sweet Sweet, Bitter

That’s one dang smile there. Finally, we moved a base from this relationship.

Now this is an interesting episode. Every time we deal with Mary, a lot of things happen. It shakes the foundations of Chi-chan and Shu. With Shu getting the first love treatment and Chi-chan finally making its intentions known. This also rocks Mary’s socks, in taking on who is to love. Will it be what she wants or someone that will love her back? Although I remember commenting about how this Chi-chan’s love came out of nowhere, but then the series slowly develops their relationship into this stage, finally ready to ship them two. But in sense, it is good that we don’t have to drag any more in their internal monologue with each other. But then again, being that this romance will bloom those awkward moments between the two, or three. Then there is the stage where Shu will realize what’s going on. Will this put a riff on him and Chi? Knowing Shu, he might just give way on Chi. But Shu can be stubborn, even with the “Mr Nice Guy” aura of him. But despite that. Shu isn’t really the type, as seen in this episode to commit to a relationship. Reasons still unknown, or he may just be Gay of sorts. Shu is still a mysterious creature, but lacks the bodily communications of Urabe.

Overall. This is a very good development for this series. Both Shu and Chi-chan came out wonderfully here. Although it is sad, this series is episodic. I doubt we will be seeing the result of the revelation in the next episode. But then, I am glad that Chi-chan gets to confess his feelings, finally.

Is that a tissue box? Ho ho ho … So at least one of them is NORMAL.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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