Kimi to Boku 2

May 9, 2012

Kimi to Boku 2 6: Colourless Blue

I’m lately a bit off with my summer cold so my posting aren’t as frequent as they used to. I also haven’t watch much anime lately since I was pre-occupied with reading a certain manga that I will eventually review after. But at least, Kimi to Boku pulled an interesting development.

If you had watched the first season, we saw Yuki’s development in terms of love. That sort of infatuation or unexplainable love of sorts that confuses you and makes you behave in an unnatural way. We know that these things aren’t long-lasting, granted that there hardly wasn’t much of a relationship between the two other than a school staff and student. But for Yuki it has a twee more special than that. That bread promo is the only common bond they have with each other, perhaps their only gateway to each other. Putting inspiration on how Yuki is adamant on collecting them. Its sort of a inspiration thing, or something along the lines of a co-relation between the two. Reminds me of the MC in Katawa Shoujo for choosing to run because he has a buddy to look to. Although the gang didn’t push on this, or never got a wind out of it except Yuta (aware but chooses to let things develop organically). Shun did sense Yuki’s strange behaviour and chooses to comfort him. I do like these things. he doesn’t have much of an idea on what’s going on, but the thought counts and I like that sort of action.

The end result of the drama is good. Despite the bitter end and the foreshadow of a possible reuniting of Yuki and the cafeteria woman. The end note, which is also the core theme of the series in pointing that life stories end and starts anew. Kids has a lot of these and its one of the best moment in existence, along the same lines. Overall, the DORAMA put here is classic Kimi to Boku and next week episode will throw in Mary, Chizuru and Shu love triangle again. The best relationship DORAMA in the series IMHO.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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