Spring 2012

May 21, 2012

Ginga e Kickoff 7: Three Tactics

I can miss my other episode post, but not this.

This show is starting to build its characters (like all of the past 6 episodes). Rika-chan may play the weak confidence character this time around, but among the other characters of the same cast, I can’t ignore that she is played in a proper manner. Or just that elementary kids have more delicacy as Himeko (SKET dan) says. Among the weak confidence character, in comparison to Natsu from 7 seeds. Rika-chan doesn’t whine about her weakness and more so struggles to overcome it. Natsu was pretty irritating for the rest of the series, with only the recent arc making her more tolerable. Perhaps we just don’t get to see Rika-chan in an endless internal monologue of encouragement and disappointment, which Natsu on the otherhand we often see and get frustrated about. At least a possibility of a miracle diet is far from happening, how many episodes will it take for Rika-chan to be  fit for football is left to be seen.

Overall, there isn’t much to say here other than a good episode. My knowledge on sports is little and I would rather direct you to OASG for his compilation of the series in terms of sport. But I can safely say that we both share the same opinion that Ginga e Kickoff isn’t just a show for kids about football. It’s more than that. Just like how people like Spongebob despite being a show for kids.

Episode Rating: 5/5

  • Justin S

    Hey, what can I say…good shows are good no matter what. And even though this is aimed for kids, it does take a somewhat mature turn at times :)

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