Fall 2011

April 23, 2012

Hunter X Hunter 28: Nen and Nen

Your landlord will have a word with you.

Among all the shows I watch that deals with super powers, nen is one of those powers that doesn’t just there for the sake of “levelling up”. The complexities and the technical behind it is fascinating that you could probably write a text-book detailing it. It’s not as simple as in Dragon Ball where it’s just a burst of energy, or the chakra concept of Nartuo that scratches anything to the level of Nen has to offer. Rather than just a means of gaining a new weapon to use in battles. Its role is more of supportive and its uses are virtually limitless. Although the story hasn’t gone that deep, that scene where Wing explained that Nen if taught in the wrong hands can cause to kill a lot of innocent people. But at the same time, it also brings a lot of creativity in that power. That’s why later in the series, we will see people fighting with a variety of styles that suites their personality and yet the foundations surrounding their powers came to what Nen actually is. Gon and Killua will eventually have their own style later in the series. Nen is one of Togashi’s greatest concept, that I still believe that many series are starting to take notes on. This also made Hunter x Hunter far advance than any Shounen series at the time. It’s just sad that most of the shows are starting to catch up to it. But at the same time, it also goes to show how Togashi thinks far ahead. He and Oda are truly masters in storytelling. Never a dull moment and always full of things to show upon.

In the character aspect of the series. This is one of the evidence that this series differs from the old one. We already know that Killua a lot of pride compared to the old series. He’s more fleshed out and spoken that reflects to how he was raised and his perception is pretty much seen. He has this predatory instinct in him forged through countless training and experience during his childhood. To which Gon who lack experience in battle and the outside world. The way Killua reacts to Wing’s killer instinct triggers his reflex to back away as far as possible, even though that it was just a demonstration. Where as Gon stood and shook in fear unable to react to the feeling being emanated. Not to mention, Wing is darker than I remember. I don’t know, or exactly remember Wing from the old series but I don’t feel it the same way as I think he is. But still, seeing Killua curl up in the ceiling like a scared cat is priceless.

Overall, the Heaven’s Arena is one of the most interesting arc in the Hunter series. Its good that MadHouse knows how to pace it series, particularly to the ones that are interesting to the viewers. Gon and Killua’s character definitely one of those best pairs in the shounen space and I do like how they are shaped now. Madhouse and Togashi really knows how to keep the fans of the Manga and the Kids happy.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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