First Impressions

April 16, 2012

First Impressions: Ginga e Kickoff

You would had killed yourself if you lose to a dog in football.

Ginga e Kickoff. Finally, someone did a fansub of it. I’m starting to lose hope in the fansub industry for neglecting interesting kid shows. This one has those right strings that makes an interesting kids show. Actually, it is much better with Knight in the Area. Even with the DORAMA, this one still has the edge.

I kinda like the main character. Well, he’s your Rock Lee with no redeemable talent beside heightened sense of focus. His team is disbanded a month earlier and our main protagonist must build his team from scratch. The story will run into the shounen, inspirational troupe with the dream team winning and training. Forming a bond of inseparable friendship and camaraderie.

I like the character design. Or rather, I like shotas in my Anime. This one has full of it. I do admit that my general likeness to this series is 90% based on the fact that I will be watching cute shotas sweating and being cute and all. This might end up as one of those guilty pleasures that I will privately consume. Nevertheless, the animation quality is above average and it fares far better than Knight in the Area. The sound track also has some good notes there.

Overall, I can just drop Knight in the Area and just do this. Kuroro’s Basketball is also doing well with its second episode. But I’m hesitant to write sports shows, particularly on the ones I have no knowledge off.

First Impressions: 4/5

  • Jura

    Shota? Fine I’ll vote for you in the tourney.

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