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March 7, 2012

Mr A's Another In-Review: Mystery Thriller Excitement

Anton already has his fare share of opinions with regards to this anime. I to watched this one and I felt that it was sub-par to what I initiated it to be. But as it goes on, the story becomes interesting and directed itself to a much more suspenseful experience that would get anyone one the edge of their seat. I like it, and that’s why I’m giving an In-review of it.

From Bland To Good

If Anton didn’t made his first impression, I would had dismissed this as an obvious Horror gone wrong. The scare factor is deliberate, the often use of “scary music” numbs you of the atmosphere and the incredibly slow pace reveal all made this show mediocre in its first few episodes. I can’t stop but get bored. However, the bad elements dissipated and the story starts to pick up. The concept of it started to make sense, and it piques me to learn more on what surrounds it. Then the atmosphere slowly warps itself in the story, making the horror elements play out in to keep me leaning forward, waiting for “who’s is next” in the death list. If you are watching this on a good set of speakers, particularly if you have a sub whooper, the rumbling in the background provided great tension in every scene, even if the scene isn’t tense to begin with. The obvious music then changed into a quiet whimper, to almost no sound; perfect fit as it kept me blinded on what’s to come. I can guess what will happen, but it to also plays on you, as it goes into this multiple misses that would had been the death flag that you are waiting for.

Trolling would be the appropriate word for this generation on how it gives you this suspended feeling. Red-hearings is also a good word to describe it. Extravagant death as they maybe, you are in it to find out how it all be executed.

Final Destination

A lot of enthusiast sees the concept of it similar to the known American suspense franchise “Final Destination”, where people whom supposed to die must die. Here, the cursed student deaths are often has bizarre circumstances that resulted to their death, despite the natural causes surrounds it. Even as “elaborate” as impalement by an umbrella.  Or to a more once in a million of being struck by lightning. Regardless, it seems that there is an “invisible” force behind it all and it what freaks everyone as to how to prevent it. This is also one of the reasons why people get scared of ghosts, since you are powerless to something that you can’t see.

Even so, the anime made use of the mechanics quite well. Adding that there’s no telling who will die next, you can only guess and want to confirm it to the end of the episode.

The Another

The heart of this series is its mystery. I love it. I don’t remember seeing anything similar to it, or any variations from its core formula. What’s more, it’s hard to tell who is the dead “person”. We only have the basics and its effect, but the cause of it is left as its main show. The desperation of the class to prevent the “calamity” for claiming more lives and various countermeasures are being done but most of it are guesses or vague solutions, is also apparent, making the students tense all the time. You can’t blame them for wanting to survive, that’s just human nature. But gruel and horror that they have to face will leave something for the rest of their lives. That’s a definite.

All in all, it sucks that this is not a Manga adaptation; if so, I would had indulge myself on wanting to know the mystery. It also sucks that it started as a series which frustrating to have to wait a week for it to progress. But regardless, PA Works did bomb this good and since these series centre itself on the mystery, those “live-actions” and other adaptation will only get the spoils of what this studio reaps.

I don’t think this series can be categorized as a Horror, since most of the elements didn’t really have that “scare factor” to be called at that. Suspense would be better, with how it delivers to its audience. If you like a good mystery and suspense, then by no means, watch it now. Or if you can’t help yourself, don’t watch it and wait for it to be finished. That would be more appropriate.

Rating for this Series So Far: 5/5

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