Winter 2012

March 23, 2012

Listen to me Girls, I am your (bad) FATHER!!! 11: Honeymoon Oppai Loli Cousins

This is disappointing. I like the premise and how much drama and conflict you can pull in it, but it only got me a B grade fan-service ending. I almost forgot that this is just a one-cour series and there’s just a lot of pacing issues that is present here. Unlike Bunny Drop whom wasted no time in developing its character and story. This just wasted its time to fan-service trivial cuteness. My review of this will not end well.

Complicated Marriage Day Dream

It’s either foreshadowing of an inevitable separation or a heighten feeling of closeness that Sora has for Yuuta. She’s a kid, and she doesn’t really know how to please a man, much more make something that will make Yuuta happy.  Sora marrying Yuuta in the dream land came to me like some fan-service excuse, particularly in the beginning of what potentially be a yuri-centric take of Sora and Miu “rubbing it in” of sorts. I’m such a pervert. I even don’t like Yuri.

In this part, the dream sequence didn’t really pull anything significance. We already know the Sora likes Yuuta and they are one big happy family on a shoe string budget. It felt cheap, and it was more for a fan service flick than anything else. That monotonous girl is just padded extra, and it only serve as Sora’s reference point on what Yutta taste for women.

Generic Ending, Generic Conflict. Oh How I am disappointed

I didn’t see this coming. I was focused on their situation only to be brought up by a major conflict that came from nowhere. Then I realized that it’s already wrapping itself up. The pacing is just terrible. It was slow and it’s a strong point which made me decide to blog this. But it never accounted on the time slice it had and just churn along, only to end in a generic way seems to make me want to flip my desk in sadness. I would rate this in the line of that forgettable but interesting lingerie anime Chu Bra. Getting me interested and disappointed in the end.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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