Winter 2012

March 4, 2012

Knight in the Area 9: Double Life

Is it me, or I’m feeling that the show is longer that I expect it to be. The entire episode is a mishmash of your typical never-to-be-broken cliches of shounen anime and actually good development episode into one. As I skipped over the bad humour, I like how Nana’s character is becoming, even her bath segment was interesting.

Nana Plays Double

The only thing that is interesting in this episode, is how Nana would balance her duties as a rookie star and as a team manager. Both roles are tough and I can’t imagine it would just pass easily. It’s apparent that Kakeru doesn’t know the double life she’s getting into. By cause of having him to let her go to her dreams, or perhaps other factors that may complicate their relationship as they are. Nana want’s to chase her dreams as well as see that Kakeru gets into his mission. Whether it’s for the sake of Suguru, or out of concern for a childhood friend, I can’t tell for now. There seems to be a story about her American début before she came back to Japan 2 years ago. I would imagine having a flashback of that. But at least, this series is starting to get interesting.

Overall. Aside from my usual complaints on the humour and the American players who can’t decide to speak in Japanese or Bad Engrish, it was an entertaining episode. The sites I had read seems to say that this series is already near where the manga currently is, so there seems to be a huge part of it that was not included here. As an example, the pre-high school match where Sliver (or was it Silvus?) watch Kakeru fight. Anyway, let’s just see how the series fares.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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