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March 26, 2012

Hunter X Hunter 24: The Bag Still has some fashion

So we got a Canary episode and Killua’s father being devious in the most devious way. I was thinking that this is the episode where Gotoh comes in. But no. We get to see Canary and Killua’s first meeting. To which, adding the past of the thin guard at the gate is a welcome treat. If I remember correctly, these events 3 years ago. This means, Killua is probably 9. My Shota senses are tingling here, since I kind of like Killua as 9. Nice hair btw.

Also, how can I forget that bag. That’s the same bag in the old series. Thinking about it, I don’t see how bothersome it is to put it on, and with the extras in the arm’s restricting your moves is also unbecoming for someone whose life is in constant danger.

It also brings me to question in this picture you see. Looking closer in the chain, which was pointed by psegels, which I also notice the impossibility on how would these chain held Killua in a crucifix manner. I can’t check the old series if it were the case there. But I think, the new one didn’t put the lighter torture in it. When I first watch it, I though they’re burning his penis or something. If it were a non-private thing, it would had been shown in the old one. But it doesn’t make sense if that were the case, unless they want to end the bloodline. Killua has the most potential among the members and he is a valuable assets to all.

Silva and His Creepy Look

Then there’s Killua’s dad. Which I remember in the old series was more humane in appearance. The new series made him more creepy, his eyes has this detached sense into it. It’s like looking at it, he doesn’t seem to have any ounce or soul contained in his body. That conversation with Killua came odd and I can’t shake the feeling of uneasiness. I would weird out if I was in this situation. But then, I haven’t lived in this household, so maybe this is normal for Killua. But his initial reaction sees it as unnatural, which plays well in Siliva’s hand. Pretty patient I say on Killua. But after reading the latest chapter, I think he is right on Killua going back. At least he is willing to test the waters on this and perhaps play into his hand.

Overall, I like this episode. It’s not what I expect it to, but it churned away nicely. We’re still far, but most likely Killua and Gon will meet in the next episode.

Oh, am I the only one who hates the nickname: Kil?

Episode Rating:5/5

  • Kencana

    I like this. They make Killua’s sadist face more creepy.

    • Solidad

      One of the things the new series seems to put focus to. I know the old one does, but I am remembering it vaguely if it were this blatant. 

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