Winter 2012

February 29, 2012

Listen to me Girls, I am your FATHER!!! 8: Gigitty

I’m sooo creep out by this guy. People will think that everybody who likes these kinds of stuff are people jizzing the moment they see their interests. So scary. I’m glad that the eviction gig was just a false alarm. The manga also went in the same thing, but a bit more sooner than we expect. Which reminded me that the manga ended with Yuuta receiving Yuri’s life insurance, which kills the conflict I like most. But I’ll have to drop and wait on what is to come.

Tight  Old Aunt

The landlady’s daughter is one strict stick.  She believes that being lenient is what makes society less disciplined and makes the world a much less interesting place. But it also shows that you don’t get a boyfriend for being strict. The aura speaks. But I kind of understand her position on the matter. If you give, people will abuse it. But if you don’t listen or understand the situation first; then things will just turn bad. In this case, it did turn bad for Yuuta and the aunt for being a meanie. Hina, of course, by the power of her “cuteness” saves the day and things goes smoothly.

School Season Starts

Now the big game is up. School season starts and everybody will be pushed to their limits. Yuuta will juggle into his studies and work for his “family” and the two girls will try and adjust to their commuting life.

Which reminds me: I remember Yuuta said that there’s 30min commute which seems to be a big deal here. I commute 1 hr and it’s pretty normal. But I do agree that it drains you out, specially if you are going to a crowded train.

Overall. I’m interested in what’s going to happen. The series is originally a light novel, so the manga that I’m saying is just another adaptation.  It’s not like it posses an advantage over one medium to another.

Episode Rating:3/5

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