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January 23, 2012

Hunter x Hunter 16: Hisouka's Urge

If there is one thing that is unique about the new hunter is how Hisoka is portrayed. Just look at how creepy he is. He’s just more than a wildcard in this game. But he’s turning into this paedophile with a range of tastes.

With Winter 2012 looking pale as its season, I have to find outlets to write something. Most of the shows this season are nothing more than bad fantasy stories. Ano Natsu is pretty dull, but it has an interesting direction, but I think it will be good if they keep the pace. Nisse is starting to get better with its direction finally making sense. But the endless banter and chit-chat is just too much. My entire week is compose of nothing but waiting for Mon, Wed, Sunday. Things are pretty dull now.

So this leaves me writing bout Hunter, since it pretty much one of the best shounen series out there. Since I can’t help but compare the old and the new one. I’ll make two section discussing the comparison between the old vs new, and a section for discussing the episode as stand alone.

Old vs New

As far as I remember, both of them tackle the same core elements. But with exception that the new one is more into getting Gon’s plan into action, than showing a more personal aspect of having Hisoka as your target. I’m not sure what is correct, if Hisoka’s “urge” was considered something of a minor in manga, and his battle for control lasted for an entire night. With day changes, which is much of a nit-picking for my part, that part was played less of an impact compared to the old one. Where we can feel Gon shake in terror witnessing Hisoka “unleashing” his “urges”. The way Gon cowers into his little space that offers little comfort for him. We can see him almost break down, with his only his will shielding him for the natural terror he is feeling. That was more prominent and perhaps the centre piece of that episode in the old one.

I really felt that it was downplayed in the new one. But that aside, it wasn’t bad even it were the case.

Moments of Gon

Despite the personal aspects of the characters took a back seat. The moment of truth for Gon was executed brilliantly. We pretty much see Gon as a genius at outdoors and has an extreme mental fortitude. He really stick to his guns despite the circumstances that he faced. Even when Hisoka is ready to charge his friends he still stood and wait to see the situation. Any normal man would had jumped the gun right there but he didn’t. He also doesn’t let himself get affected by his morals. Or rather, he doesn’t have that shounen morale that is common in all characters. That “killing is bad” mentality is so overused that it became a roadblock to main characters. Bending your morals is much more human than being so stuck up with it. Why am I saying this, is because he care doesn’t about Hisoka’s target. For all we know Hisoka would had killed him instantly. Gon never faltered with how many men died in his watch. Maybe he sees it as separate matter that is completely not in his control. If Hisoka kills a man, if that man can’t defend himself that it his loss. Gon might be in that Darwin’s saying of “survival of the fittest”. Being an outdoors man would had shaped him into seeing prey getting killed by its predator. To much of a normal aspect of life. But it is also a double standard, since he won’t let his friends get killed. Gon is pretty human in all the other shounen characters I had seen.

This scene about kind of baffles me. But if we put the “survival of the fittest” mentality, it makes sense on why Gon refuses to accept the chance. In this case, Gon know well that his undoing was entirely his lack of awareness. He is to fixated on Hisoka that he neglected his own safety. There is no argument that Gon is at fault why he was defeated, and it frustrates him that he lived because Hisoka intervenes. His pride was crushed.

But this moment has an impact on just how Hisoka sees potential with Gon. It sort of rub as a Russian roulette relationship of Ashirogi and Neiji (Bakuman). It was kind of fated teacher and student relationship, but Hisoka is more of pushing Gon to become better than teaching him to be better. But Gon looks at Hisoka as a person not be messed with. But he doesn’t fear facing Hisoka if he needs to. Yet, his instinct puts him into pushing himself away from him.

All in all. The episode was fantastic. There’s a lot to write about in Hunter than any other Anime I had seen. Next episode will be less spectacular but it has it positives either way.

Episode Rating: 5/5


  • Euri

    I hope they’ll finish this series this time. It was effing irritating when they suddenly stopped it last time. DX

    • Solidad

      Finishing it may not the appropriate word for it. Since it’s still being serialized, we can’t say if this will catch up until Togashi ends his series.

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