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January 5, 2012

Chihayafuru 13: For You I Head Out

Finally. We’re almost out of the New Year break. My almost at my limit for not having anything new for the past week. With Natsume and that robot anime, it’s been pretty slow and things won’t get into full-gear until next week. At least, we get to see Chihayafuru which is a mix bag for me. Madhouse is at its weird pacing issues and I don’t really get where that flashback is for.

This episode is anti-climactic. What’s the purpose of the entire build-up is for? We never see anything during the tournament and from the looks of it they lost near the end. Chihaya getting stage frights and Arata having his doubts. Did their characters went back to zero? What’s happened with the past build-up. Is Chihaya being sick because it’s a different ball game? and Arata having this melodramatic moment that pains him whenever Karuta is involved? This is one of the negative trademarks that I see in Madhouse: dragging conflicts and pulls them out of nowhere. If it’s not flashbacks, its melodrama. I praise that it’s better than the marvel series they produce. But it didn’t really put anything new.

Also, even if I like the flashback with grandpa. I don’t see where this things fit in the picture? It would had made sense if this was put in the episode where Chihaya visits Arata. They would had devoted half of that episode to explaining than being melodramatic for the entire episode. Chihaya’s conflict is not the same as Arata’s, so putting it in the front doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t even had any weight to the dramatic meetup both of them had.

Overall, it’s a mix bag for me. I did enjoy this episode if they’re treated individually, but the context of it didn’t add up. We might see the show dragging in the next few episodes.

Episode Rating: 3/5

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