Summer 2011

December 12, 2011

Mawaru Penguin Drum 22: Beautiful Coffin

Show’s ending. What’s interesting is that this has been a roller-coaster ride for me. We get to hate, yet appreciate everything that this show has delivered us. Wonderful crazed cast, solid story, and the great amount of detail put in almost everything in this series.

It’s sad that the creators wanted to put Double H as an added hurt with the conflict that just happened. It’s like a little to late for Himari to find something that she is looking forward to, the moment she has waited for. Still, Kanba goes above the food chain and she must do her best to save her. To think of it, it wasn’t much of a Messiah of sorts, with Shouma and Momoka dragging people into the light. It was about love and attention that makes people find worth in their life. We’re social beings from the start.

Even with everything revealed. There’s still a good amount of mystery left for us to be interested. What is the grand scale attack that would had transpired even before this. It involve a mass manufacturing of mini-robots, perhaps programmed or contains something that will bring the nation to its knees. It’s either explosive or poison gas. But it looks more of an explosion than the latter. It kind cool of Kanba being able to get everything under wraps until the end. Despite that he wasn’t the real conspirator of all this, he still makes a great leader.

Still, his reasons is what is blinding him. Or was it more of a self-denial of the fact. Himari will die, and that’s what fate declares it so. It kinda approach a non-violent requisition of what is rightfully due.

All in all. I’m satisfied on this episode. But with the content of the previous two episodes, it offers less thrills than the others.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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