Summer 2011

December 4, 2011

Mawaru Penguin Drum 21: The Door of Fate We Choose

Oh my. Penguind Drum just flipped its direction and yet, pieces fit so well. The finale is turning into one big epic conclusion!

The moment I see Penguin Drum having death and nudity involve, it’s just a moment of time where the tone will shift from light to dark. This episode cast one giant shadow on how obsessed far Kanba  is on saving Himari, even in definite impossibility. His involvement in the organization is not driven by any of those political ideologies. Kanba is sinking deeper and deeper into “darkness” . Himari, on the other hand will sacrifice everything that is dear to her, even her “faux” family will do what it can to save Kanba. Which in turn is turning the wheels of fate its definite road 16 years ago.

Sanetoshi finally shows its fangs. We finally got a character villain and not something of a vague system. I like Dustin’s (Bakacast) theory that Sanetoshi is fate personified. In that he wants the world refresh into anew, but Momoka changed it costing her life. It’s not clear if we are dealing with god wanting to reset the world, or a devil wanting to destroy the world, or Momoka wanting being god to save the world. Sanetoshi’s ideologies are still vague and the speech of Takakura requires further detail. Also, that child broiler. What does it really do? Destroy kids that doesn’t have anything to contribute to society?

I’m starting to appreciate how Penguin Drum manages its plot points. Most of the plot points set in this episode were also laid out near the end. Yet, it was able to produce a cliffhanger on things there were not resolve: like who is stabbed in the dilapidated bar. It also airs the mystery if Kanba was hallucinating thru the entire past episode. His communicating with the parents, and based on how old that run-down restaurant is. The series really loves to mix fantasy, reality and metaphors making it hard for us watcher to discern on the inevitable direction of the series. Which is good. I can’t tell what the hell is going on, yet, it’s interesting and despite the short time it has left, we can’t still guess how it will end. Now that’s a good storytelling here.


  • The Music in this episode is wonderful. Everything fits and it bring the tension to the viewer, knowing that things are starting to go deeper.
  • Killing the Journalist is one thing I wouldn’t expect Kanba would do. I knew he would go to the dark side, but not THIS level of darkness. I guess he would carry out the plan and care less on what will happen.
  • Sanetoshi might not really be a leader of the group. He sees the action as the “correct” fate that would had happened. I bet Momoka’s meddling in other thing is equally annoying him, but this one pissed him off.
  • If all of them aren’t Siblings, then who is the REAL Takakura son? Remember that a boy was born during the attack. Did he die?
  • Is Mario really Masako’s little brother? I’m starting to doubt that.
  • Where does the Kiga group gets its money? From Masako’s family? Can’t the cops trace the laundering to them?
  • It’s nice to see where the colourful house originated to.
  • I wonder if the Takakuras were killed after the incident. Based on the event where Yuri and Tabuki were attacked. I would think that the organization will not hesitate to eliminate liabilities, specially this time around. Reason why Masako is so concerned with Kanba. Once they’re done, they will kill Kanba off.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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  • nai

    You were paying attention last episode right? Shouma is the real son of the Takakuras. Last episode, Shouma stated that if the Takakuras are to be punished, he should be the only one who had to take it. Meaning that he’s the only child of the Takakura family.

    • Solidad Romero

      Yes. I was paying attention. But for a series that merges reality, metaphor, and fantasy it’s not easy to conclude like you said. Although Kanba took the punishment, it was more on saving Himari than anything. But I did remember Kanba said the same thing around that himari and Kanba drama. 

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