Fall 2011

December 1, 2011

Chihayafuru 9: But I Cannot Hide

Man. I really like that TV. How big is it, 70, 80 inches? I bet even if I save up all of my salary for the entire year, I won’t come as close of getting that. But 1080p would be waste for a screen this big. It would better be off getting it when videos go around 4K. Ohhh, what more “detail” would it let me see.

I love this episode. With everything in place, all that’s left is to throw in a looming tournament that would eventually become this anime’s finale. Who knows, Arata might be there and Chihaya or Taichi will go up against for the lulz. But’s that’s just the icing in the cake here.

It makes me wonder why Chihaya’s character work so well in contrast to Ohana. They’re both cheerful and persistent. They have that tomboyish attitude in them. Yet, Chihaya never came to me as an irritating loud brat that she is.

Maybe it’s because that Chihaya has a goal and it focuses on them. She does something and it shows result. Her wavering has meaning and it usually gets resolve one way or another, that also pushes her development further. Except her love relationship with Taichi; but that’s not her fault. Well, not entirely since Taichi never makes any moves anyway.

Which reminded me: what happened to Taichi’s girlfriend? Did he dump her behind the scenes? if so, will there be a chance that this show would turn dark and introduce us to chain-saw, axe-wielding yandere ex? That would be great. But let’s just stick to the question of her role, or if there’s any role left for her.

Then Taichi’s reluctance to show Chihaya his room. I was expecting a flustered reaction followed by a burst of exaggerated denial while putting the porn mags around a safe place. Nope. It rather piqué my interest on the basis of the action and I don’t think it would involve a crazed shrine of Chihaya pictures and relics, with a box of used tissues on the desk.

Seriously: Wash your damn dicks! don’t just use paper towels. Sheesh.

Focusing on the show: I was a bit hesitant on the pushy approach Chihaya did with the rookies. Yeah, it works with the right people. But I was with Taichi being worried of burning them out too early. Yet. The secret sauce in this, is that Chihaya has passion, that’s why she pushes people into the rookies. That’s a mile difference between a pushy boss who pushes you for selfish reasons to a pushy boss who wants to push you to excel. Taichi hesitated, maybe he has low confidence on these people. Not in a degrading manner, but rather, they won’t make it if things its taken in a quick pace.

By the way: I find Tsutomu hot. Oh, I wish there’s a doujin with him and Taichi. Also, I want him to look cool for once.

Overall, I love this episode. Not only that it pushes the character development with all of them, it also put a nice twist on the birthday part with Chihaya. Reminding us that we are watching a josei series, which is not bad. The love triangle is above average and not as irritating as Kimi no Todoke. I felt the emotions in this episode. I almost cried in joy, how everyone is pushing hard to drive their love in Kurata. Rather than a tense, pressure-inducing, atmosphere we get a light, positive mood.

Episode Rating: 5/5

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