Fall 2011

November 25, 2011

Chihayafuru 8: The Sounds of the Waterfall

I never find the chubby type appealing, nor anything near as cute as this one is. But it seems Madhouse has the knacks to pull things in the most beautiful way, that any characters you throw to them they can make it a perfect beauty. Okay enough with the fetishes, and apologies for the intermittent post schedules, since I’ve been pretty busy with IRL. Things will die down eventually.


Repetition ain’t that bad. This episode used all the foundation that was used in the last episode. But this also carries the same set of burden as Taichi had. In sense, he like the pampering and glory of winning, minus the parental pressures that instil Taichi. Although his story didn’t attached to me that well; because it happened somewhere after Arata left in the kid arc, which we only see a snippet of it.  It would had been great if they linger a bit more on it to sink in with the audience. But the presentation didn’t lack any information thereof, its enough, but would be great if there was more to that.

Fat kid Stereotype 

One of the thing I like in this episode, is that the show didn’t put any of those common stereotypes that we usually profile on these kinds of characters. Typically, we  get this fat loser with few friends and perverted mindset. What we get is this beautiful, athletic and well-mannered kid who just had run on a few road-blocks in the way. His problems are understandable, at the same time can easily be used to make him a better character as the story goes on. If fat people can look this good, I wouldn’t see any reason to hate our kind. Oh well. Madhouse is something. I am really, really happy for delivering a well-mannered story with all the awful works they had done in recent years. Keep it up.

Episode Rating: 5/5

Yep. I don’t have much to say about this episode.

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