Summer 2011

September 14, 2011

Natsume Yuujinchou 11: Shown Mirror

There is nothing new to say about this episode. It was good in its own right. I was rather interested on the development we had between Natsume and Tanuma, and what the is the moral of this arc is. It kinda hit home for me, and it was something I was trying to achieve in a personal level.

Two things came into me when I was watching this:

One. The youkai doesn’t seem too critical when it comes to time. Rather, it was never a factor for them. Usually in illness scenario; time always play a critical part in the conflict. The race against the illness is usually the suspense builder to conflicts such as these. The flash back seems to show that the Youkai’s friend is in grave illness, but it is not much of an apparent threat to it. In fact, Youkai seems to rather vanish than die. In the flashback, there isn’t anything to put that notation in the table. I kind of find it interesting to point out.

Two, Is the moral of the story. From what I understand, the moral is something like “don’t hide things to your love ones, or they will just worry for you.” This is evident in the series, by Tanuma wanting to find out about Natsume and why he is being distant toward them when it comes to youkai business. The part giving him a temporary Youkai vision made a solid impact on him on the everyday dealing of Natsume in the spirit world. It kinda respect him in a way, also felt that both he and Natsume formed a closer bond together. The entire arc was built around to develop the friend ship.

In sense of that. I kind of hit a bit on my end, since I was also in that kind of crossroad of being on a conservative stance of not telling things that will worry other people. I am also in that other end of the position, that people I care for are hiding something from me makes me restless in some sort. That mindset of, “thing will work out without any intervention.” mentality bring risks to the scenario and the friendship that is concerned. So I feel happy that this is being tackled.

Overall, the arc was pleasant. I’m not sure if the mirror thing was a cop-out. It kinda look like it when Nyanko-sensei got a big chuck of the mirror. Also, what on earth is Nyako doing in cases where Natsume is serious danger. I think there’s a conspiracy here.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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