Spring 2011

May 29, 2011

Sket Dance: Nervous Genesis

It has this episode 3 vibe with how this show is presented. But and not being an annoying shouting contest, it was a very funny two short skits. I like the addition of the geography teacher in the cast. He sort-of had a funny lines, and I think he has other wierd things in-store of us. The first half is also interesting, albeit mostly on the in-show mahou shoujo shows that is used for your yankee girl. That kind of drama does reach a new level, even far more than what Madoka can give, if properly given direction. By the way, I like the art the screen cap above.

I have reasons why this episode post is delayed: One, Horrible subs made a mistake on its first version. Two, they never bothered to release a patch, rather just went and release v2; making me do another DL which I have no choice but to watch it the next day. I shouldn’t really be going with Horrible Subs, since they aren’t really that kind of group who goes to appreciate anime, but rather some group who just in it for the fame. But regardless, they’re the fastest subbers out there.

Anyway, like I said. This episode has this same vibe about what episode 3 is. But rather than having everyone overdose in caffeine, and shout for the next 25min. We get a more controlled, yet crazy two short skits in this episode. It doesn’t really have anything of a serious story, but more on the line of SKET dance in its everyday from. Still, it’s appreciative on its own.

I grew liking on the second half with the geography teacher teaching a weird sport that nobody ever heard of. It has a structure, despite the ridiculous¬†of how it is presented. I have to double-check if there’s actually an “Genesis” sport. actually, there isn’t any.

The first second half was a bit annoying with the overly exaggeration of the cast. But about where the Love Generation part, it gets pretty funny. What bothers me, which we can brush off being “it’s an Anime world”, is that the student council having governing powers over teachers. What does a real world student council has to stop a teacher forming a club? That part weird me out, and I’m just going for it as student councils in anime are all working in some form of mafia.

The first half of the episode wasn’t that bad. I’m more interested on the mini-shows about pregnant woman and her best friend having doubts on their life’s choices. It’s like a growing up version of Mahou Shoujo; where after their childhood career of fighting crime and evil. Life caught up with them, and not saving others, it is time to save themselves in life’s conflicts. I also like the opening sequence for this series. It comes off something ero, and disturbing. Those expressions says a lot.

Lastly, the other Mahou Shojou show, that somewhat connotes the trend in Mahou shoujo, or at least what I precive it to be; is something I find a satirical take on the how Mahou Shoujo moves beyond Sailormoon. After Madoka and its success. We might start seeing clones of such similar theme coming next year. A gate has been open for dark-theme Mahou Shoujo era after Madoka. Interesting if I say so.

Overall. The episode gotten in a mediocre start. But it rebounded back, making it a good one overall. The character design is really appealing to me. Who ever makes the art, you have my appreciation.

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