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May 18, 2011

Sket Dance 06 – Even Onihime has tears in her eyes

I initially thought that this episode didn’t have that much spunk as it’s great first episode. But watching it the second time, it does have it merits on being a very good one. We get to see Tsubaki and Bossum getting themselves in a challenge, to which SKET dance’s future is at stake. We get to see drama here, that I personally see in Gintama. What episode 3 failed in delivering the emotions, it was certainly fixed on this one. Granted, this episode still suffers its flaws, and we don’t see any hint of ever fixing them. But at least, they’re tolerable, and non-obtrusive specially on the drama part.

This episode brings to light some of the characters that we had met in the past. The Mentos main guy, the Shoujo fanatic, and the creepy rival. Despite their one-sided personality, it did play an interesting part on the episode, which pulled a good laugh or two. It wasn’t funny to a level where it you’ll fight over your life in sheer laughter. Their quirkiness was well executed to bring me to a smile. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we never really see any improvement or anything deeper than what we had seen in their feature episode. So, they’re somewhat purposed to be comedic tool for specific scenario in the series. It’s fine as long as the main characters can keep up the momentum of the interest of the audience. At least for me.

Looking at that main story for this week, we get to see how Bossun gets his enigmatic charisma that had attracted former Onihime away to the dark side. This also goes bring forth the difference between Bossun and Tsubaki on who they deal in school matters. I find the student council president very dependable and level-headed. His character, despite his lacking dialogue, actions speaks for his stance in the matter. I also like how he educate Tsubaki in the matter of understanding the methods between him and Bossun. It gives an actual realisation that being square makes less impact on ones who goes to go beyond the issue and takes it with a personal touch. Like customer service. Customer always goes for products or services that bothers to go an extra mile for them. Even if the product is expensive. If they’re being treated important, something that makes them look as a valuable part of the company. They’ll stay, perhaps even encourage people to experience your product.

The dramatic part is where we get the two Onihime a dramatic friend patting. I didn’t really find it tear-jerking. It still delivered the scene well that it is satisfactory enough. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It was delivered well but I can’t seem to connect to it. However those Yankees are the only non-main characters to get to have a sort of development beyond their initial persona. I wish we get to see that kid from the first episode.

Overall, the episode was a great episode. We get to touch on what makes SKET dance shine, and we get to see a well executed drama. But since this episode is unpredictable with its past performance. I just can’t expect anything good or bad on the next one. We’ll just have to wait and judge it as it airs.

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