February 10, 2011

One Piece demographic statistics

Taken from the “benevolent” bowels of Sankaku Complex. A statistical analysis reveals that most of One Piece’s manga patrons are adults. In the statistic: 43% of its readers are in an age range of 19-29; followed by 30-49 at 32% and 13% for the rest of the senior citizenry. All in all, the statistic reveals that it’s entire audience is 88% adults.

In a personal note, factors as such can be explained in many things: For one, One Piece has been in circulation for 14 years! For its vintage, there’s a high possibility that the readers had been in their youth when One Piece debuted. The long-running series also deterred new generations to appreciate the epic awesomeness of the series. The anime, which can contribute to recruit new fanbases, are suffering the same stigma of it’s manga counterparts. With 500 and more episodes and flooded with fillers; very few will have the time to savour such. Maybe a One Piece Kai would serve a good strategy for such.

Another cause for this phenomena is perhaps the escapism this series provide. Luffy’s character represents the adventurous, youthful, and care-free philosophy which slowly diminish as we grow old. Readers of old might be seeing One Piece as their way of connecting to that lost enthusiasm, battered by endless hurdles. Well, that’s how I feel…

Source: Sankaku Complex

  • Anonymous

    I actually wrote something about that as well. You can read it at:

    I think One Piece captures the spirit of adventure, which a lot of adults can relate to. We’re always seeking new thrills & excitement.

    • Solidad Romero

      That’s true. Given that adults are becoming less and less enthusiastic as they were when they’re young. It’s given that this one definitely feeds on that void.

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