January 12, 2011


This series is about aliens, men-in-black, conspiracies, and an ordinary high school boy who just wants privacy. This series may perhaps be one of the only few who doesn’t use the moe and eechi market to its advantage and perhaps may be worth to look for this winter season. Thus, this is my first impression of Level E.

Level E is a short manga spanning 3 volumes and created by a manga god named Yoshihiro Togashi when he wasn’t in his usual hiatus, back in 1995. This series speak in telling aliens exists and have been living in earth for some time. Yet, humans are unaware of that fact.

Our main character, a high school boy, just got himself enrolled in a location far from Tokyo. His name was rooted in the school because of him playing in the middle school nationals, not much of a actual player, but listed as a mere affiliation for that school’s reputation. For him, it is a opportune excuse to move out of his family and live alone…or supposed to be.

In the apartment, he’s greeted with a long gold-like haired man, who’s known as “Prince”. He claims to be an alien and had crash-landed in the mountainous outskirts of the city. Our main character, dismisses his claim and instructs the mysterious man out of the apartment. After some conversation and scenes later in the show, our main character finally got convinced that the man with him is an alien. For what purpose or reason, it remains uncertain.

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Okay. One of the things that first struck me is the art. Looking at it, the characters look so mature for their age. Plus, their eyes and features somewhat reminded me of the anime back in the early 2000s. This perhaps, is the second anime that retains “90’s” art style other than Hajime no Ippo. It certainly feels unique and pretty much refreshing to say so, at least.

The plot is simply generic, for now. Okay, we got aliens, government conspiracies, intergalactic political involvement, potential high-school romance but the direction is simply vague as of this episode. I can’t discern much of what would happen. For now, the plot is quite decent.

Characters are notably interesting. Prince is an obnoxious guy, but funny. Our main character is a bit more of a Mr. Obvious as far as my initial assessment goes. Yet, he is pretty much kind-hearted as well. I won’t be predicting this, but I think they’re going to be parters on whatever the story throws at them. Pretty obvious from the first series.

I’m not seeing anything negative for this series. For that, I’ll be giving this a 5 episode probation. But seriously, it’s Togashi’s work, guys who watched Yu-yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter are enough to warrant such positive prejudice over this work. And yes, I’ll be putting this on my RSS feed for further study.

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