Rurouni Kenshin New Kyoto Arc Part 1: Cage of Flames

We did had some news about a reboot of Rurouni Kenshin for some time now, with one of them being another Anime series that will be faithful to the source material. For now, let’s settle in with this beautiful short of retelling one of the series’ greatest arc.

Tightly Paced, Just the way it should be

Like the OVAs, the pacing in this series is quite packed. Every second is used in putting every important detail in the story. I haven’t read the manga, and I vaguely remembered the series and that one stretches far more than this one. I can’t personally say that the parts that were remove here compared in the series are all part of the manga. But nevertheless, that story is easy to follow and each scene connected seamlessly.

For those who have only seen this franchise, it may confuse you on this. But thinking of watching this would not come to you mind knowing, since I would believe everyone would had at least know Batoussai or Kenshin Himura by now, at least by name. That you might want to watch or know the beginning of the series to understand. Yet, the franchise is well-known that knowing the basics might led you to enjoy it alone. The action scenes was little, but that’s understandable because it is saving itself for last. But everything from aesthetics and sound were refitted to this era. Although that isn’t a big thing entirely. I also like that some of the soundtracks in the series were used here.

Overall, there isn’t anything much to say about this. It’s a short film that retells Shishio’s plot on taking over Japan, and its Kenshin and the gang’s job to stop it. What is unique about it, at least for me, is the difference between the TV series and this one. I never knew Kenshin’s master would appear this early in the arc. But is this a faithful adaptation of the manga is left for the avid manga fan to confirm. I might read the series in the future, since I am the only one among my circle who haven’t read it. Poor me.

Rating: 5/5

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