Review: Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is perhaps one of those few Sci-Fi series that kept me at the edge of my seat with the character suspension and mystery that it built up. It does have a rough start, but it was more of a prelude to the finale that was intended since the beginning. This series is one of those that takes the notion of putting emphasis on the journey than the destination itself. The drama unfolding within the two cour series is a nerve-wracking. From the creator of Chaos;Heard, I was expecting weird behavior and brain scooping. Although, I got the weird behavior part, I was partly disappointing on the brain scooping one.

I’m not into the fad of time travel. For one: this is the series that made me look into the intricacies of Time travel. The history of John Titor and his explanation on a parallel time lines and alternate world futures. The series also tackles the concept of fate in a scientific point of explanation. It tackles the notion that people can not escape their fate, as being in which 3 series has already put that into motion, albeit Madoka and Penguindrum being the recent.

The strong point in the series that hooked me is the consistent writing and the chemistry between the characters. If we look at the characters individually, each of them lacks merit to become memorable. Yet, once you put them together, they form this entertainment field that puts me in interest on what is being discuss. Sometimes the comedy is also interesting, particularly when Daru becomes perverted and starts asking the girls to do stuffs. Wait. There is one character that can stand on its own, and that is our main character. I like him for being in the borderline of sanity, yet, getting himself to act human when ever needed to. Having him crumble all of the ego that he put up during the 3 weak ordeal of his life. His mental breakdown feels realistic and his decision doesn’t fall on both ends of being outright genius to overly stupid. His lines, o I like “Daru is like the universe, Constantly expanding.”

Another strong point that I like to add – and I find this fascinating – is that it is so far the only VN adaptation I find that doesn’t overemphasize on the troupes most VN are suffering. Chaos;Head, despite being a decent series is still a VN by roots and emphasis more on the girls than the story proper. This one is straight to the story with the women in the series acting out their roles as integrated in the series. I haven’t played the actual series, but it people who does states that it only has one path. The emphasis on the story does put it in good combination for the Anime medium. Although, if we can also merit the staff in doing a splendid job on making this, I would perhaps give them credit to that. Looking Steins;gate as a package, it doesn’t leave it self with huge plot holes and the story is knitted tightly despite that there are certain stories that were not included.

Overall. Steins;Gate doesn’t go into the normal routes of VN. It story is well developed with character doing their roles and being fun when needed. As an Anime reviewer, I can recommend this to anyone who want to watch a decent Sci-fi on Anime. If you are into that genre, then this should be a no-brainier in your top 10 list.

Episode Rating: 4/5

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