Showa Monogatari

Showa Monogatari is a time tale to reminisce the good-ol times of Japan’s 60. The concept of the series is to relive the charms of the 60’s in the eyes of your typical middle class family. Where the clash of the people who lived during the dark times of the war, with its old ways, and the new generation born after the war, with new set of ideologies that people from the past can not comprehend. The transition to what we see society today, regardless of opinion of its acceleration or decline.

Light Drama And Simpler Times

There’s not much to say about Showa Monogatari, other than it’s a Timeless piece that is aimed for people who happen to live in the era to relate to. A visual piece that will reference itself for generations who had never experience it. I can’t vouch for the historical accuracy of the series. But I do feel that they are dedicated in putting emphasis on the era at hand. The detail in place on the particular cultural and mindset of society is pretty believable. Not to mention the tid bits surrounding the technology starting to be introduced are also mentioned, from the first bullet train to the Color TV, even the revolver type ball point pen. Certain triggers that makes the era special to those who lived in it. The characterization in the series can be subjected to the viewer’s taste. I find some of the moments weak but overall it depict a typical middle class family surviving as you do. Art style is pretty average. But it does its best on putting landmarks in its complete accurate detail.

Overall, it is a unique Anime. The demographic and the profitability of it are very small. I appreciate that there are some studios that puts out these projects for the sake of wanting to tell a story. It is also good that this isn’t the only piece with such a risqué story. Hyouge Mono is one, those who want’s to have a Sengoku Era without the character being moefied. Then there’s the recent Utakoi for depicting the classical love stories written in poems. I may had left some works but that’s a good start there if you had watch this anime.

Series Rating: 4/5


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