Sankarea was all about a boy having a Zombie girlfriend. But not that Zombie that eats brains and leaves its entrails. Nope.

But really, Sankarea is not just that. It really sampled a great deal in making a story and push it father than its source material. The directing the series is A+, period. It really knows what to do to the story and make the characters flesh to almost like tanning them to dry. Rea’s character is really amazing. She is a product of abuse and imposed delusions of his Father due to the lost of her wife. She can’t stand her life and wanted to just … end it all and be reborn. The anime really know how to present it in a manner that is breath-taking and amusing. The third episode really got to me and from then on, I just simply followed this series religiously.

Unlike other series that shares the same DNA as Sankarea, it never delves on Fanservice. At least not often as other shows I had seen. It’s not like the Fanservice serves as the content to amuse or entertain the audience. The fanservice act as a part of the story, well in most part. The series still has some moments where Rea is dressed to fit the fantasies of Chihiro, or the audience. But these are far in between. The focus of the story is mainly about Rea being a Zombie and what comes to her after been given a new lease in life away from his father’s clutches and abusive step-mother. While we also get to see Wanko and Chihiro’s sister and the brilliant episode with Aria for which may play a factor if we get another season, was also well-done but placed in weird parts of the series when it climax of its sub-plots.

Overall, Sankarea is a prime example of great anime directing. It studies the materiel very well and focus on its strong points and make it  the theme in the series. It’s amazing that the adaptation didn’t pull away much on the original story but manage to get it working to be this awesome is truly something I respect. I am looking forward to the series, if they get another season and to the director who made this series great.

Series Rating: 4/5