Mr A

Prison School (NSFW)

23 April 2012


4 /5

I don’t usually read eechi manga. Most of the time, they are composed of mostly hijinks of wardrobe failure, convenient panty shot. Or sexual innuendos that’s haphazardly constructed, that might a sexually provocative position, or two. If I wanted to be aroused, I might as well watch porn. That’s why works like To-love-ru doesn’t really favour well with me.

Enter Highschool prison. A manga that started this year and has spanned around 30 chapters released in a weekly manner. It’s still on-going so it sucks that we won’t be seeing the ending soon. Although eechi series always has a definite conclusion, implied or not.

As I had mentioned, to me, eechi series are just a cheap porn with lousy or uninteresting stories that is catered to titillate its audience. This series, despite that the shallow premise. It manages to pull eechi scenes in most hilarious ways possible. They don’t do cheap tricks like panty shots, or those things that we see in similar genres. It goes beyond that, much close to the edge, making the scenes almost coming to the point of no return, then pulls you away before being disappointed.

Unlike those other eechi manga. The characters are quite interesting, but at the same time they also have their quirks that you might think as a form of fetish to cater to the readers. For example: the picture above, where we see a female student that dresses like those uptight sadists in S&M (which by experience we know that she’s soft in the inside). We also have the cute but deadly chick that appears gentle on the outside, but evil in the inside. Their personality made each scene more enjoyable to read. Its as if they’re enjoying it. But at the same time, it explores the aspect of discovering for the first time, their emotions toward the opposite sex. Pretty much of the student council never had much luck, or opportunity to enjoy companionship to the opposite sex and most of them think that men are just brainless creatures programmed to copulate at a sight of the opposite sex (half-true). Which lead to extreme situations that the female never understood situation on the eyes of the men. That further exemplifies the humour contained.

Oh, I haven’t told you the story here. A high school that is formerly an all-girls school decided to co-ed, but in the process only manages to recruit 5 male students. So in turn, the 5 male students are stuck in a school of mostly 1020 female students. But this male dream isn’t really as sweet as they expect it to be. In the school, an underground student council is responsible in keeping the society in order. But when the male students were caught peeking at the women’s showers, the council decided to throw them in the prison to serve as a lesson.

Overall, I really like the series so far. I love the sadistic chick (they’re my type of woman).  The only downside I have, is that sometimes the art can get “too mature”, but that’s perhaps due to the art style.

Series Rating: 4/5