I’ve grown respect of Wowow with its showcase in delivering quality anime, like Full Metal Panic to Ergo Proxy. I do think that they’re the first Noitamina even before Noitamina exist. So when I found out that Ozuma is airing in a channel that gave me great anime, I am curious to what surprise has for me.

What I get is technobabble and messy hair.

Ozuma is a 6 episode series that is created by one Leiji Matsumoto. Whom people knew made Space Battleship Yamato, Galaxy Express to name a few. I haven’t watch his other works, so my review will not compose of any comparisons or deal with his habits in his other works. So most of it to me are brand new.

One thing to notice about this series is how it took the artstyle to suit the story. I guess Leiji Matsumoto is known for this. The story is dated so most of the characters are drawn to what the author visualized them. Despite though, it manages to stand out quite well, putting the factor that art isn’t time constrained. The music is average and the characters are stereotypical and expected. I don’t know, there isn’t enough time to flesh them out properly. I like the story of DICK and the captain, but most of the time we are annoyed by the main character and his idiotic decisions. Just, how can he be this one-sided. Is his life purpose dedicated on chasing Maya until the end? He’s like a child longing for a mother. Or a girlfriend because he can’t give up his awful hairdo. Seriously, if Leiji like this messy hairstyle I’m not watching the rest of his works.

Another thing I hate about this series is the technobabble. This is a common problem in anime. Introducing terms just so that you can tell that the anime is DEEP. QTF blah blah … It’s not like I would care understating them after I watched this. The series wasted a lot of time  on this crap that it strains the viewers on having to grasp foreign logic. I think one of the best series that does techbabble well is Bodalicious Pirates. You can easily understand their terminologies since it borrows real world concepts. Making them believable and perhaps making it more intelligent.

Overall, this series should had been a 2 hour feature film, 2.5 hours at most. It’s an interesting series but the script is too old to be entertaining. The pacing is too slow and the characters have no lasting impact. Better find something else to watch.

Series Rating: 2/5

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