Onani Master Kurosawa (NSFW Manga)

Kinda embarrassed to use the English name for the title. But the title doesn’t really reflect on the contents of this short manga. But more so, this is one of those “inspiring” and “motivating” work that would could well sit beside GTO.

Onani Master Kurosawa or, erm, Masturbating Master Kurosawa is a 31 chapter manga done by the people who did … er … serialized in … Gee. There isn’t much information on it. This is the only work the authors done according to MAL. ANN is also doesn’t have an entry of it, surprisingly enough. I guess ANN isn’t godlike as we think they are.

The story in this series doesn’t involve sexual fantasies of some sort … well, it does has some, but it’s just a plot device. The best thing to describe it, is if you blend Diary of a Wimpy kid with death note with a drama of Houro Musuko. Funny seeing them in one series doesn’t spell that things can be written good. But everything plays quite well in here.

The story starts with our main character who somewhat looks like Rin from Ao no exorcist who is in his prime of life, obeying the hormones that drives any 14 year-old. He’s an introvert and thinks high of himself, separating him with “them” whom he doesn’t see as mere players of a game called life. While in his daily routine of masturbating in the girls bathroom. He was confronted by a girl being bullied and ask to bring shame and humiliation to those who had bring her wrong. By doing so, he puts his his “seed” to unsuspecting victims, things, which in turn spurn the events that later changed his life forever.

It’s a unique premise. This is one of the reasons why I like seinen, with its unrestricted moral boundaries. It also able to discuss on the topic of bullying it psychological damage, as well as isolation and separation from society. The characters are well-done and I can clearly see myself in Kurosawa, not that I masturbate in a women’s bathroom. Not that even entered one as I remembered. But the mentality of looking down at people. Seeing them as mere spectacles that you belittle off. Like you are watching a play, detached to the situation at hand. You are more fixated on to yourself, since it is the best thing you know. The easier, the clearer thing that you can deduce and explain. Kurosawa, our main character, clearly knows what he is doing, everything he does he has his reasons. But if he encounters something new to him, he berates himself on finding the answer. His masturbation is like is way of stabilizing himself, or his drug on the boredom of being alone. Like how introverts prefer playing single-player games or watching anime or manga. The progress he has taken from being a jerking machine to a person that he never dreamed of being, is a roller coaster ride of emotions, that I even find myself surprised and shocked. There was a moment in the manga that I had to swallow up just because the suspense it too much to bear. It’s like he just went to answer that I can’t fathom to imagine doing. Sticking to it until the end. It was noble and it earned my respects for it. The characterization of the main character, together with the ensemble of cast are teeming with personality that you can relate to and care for. If you want good DORAMA, this is how its done.

Overall, it’s a journey of an introvert discovering himself, that he can be a person able to be with someone and change people without being a loner. It’s a pity that the author never did anything more than this. But I like that the manga is short and ended in a way the series should be. If you like DORAMA in the like of GTO I recommend it.


  • Rednights

    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did =) Make sure to read the After the Juvenile translations if you haven’t already.

    • Solidad

      Most of the ones your recommend are good. We have similar tastes. I’ll do read LN when I get to it.

  • scratch_card

    This was indie-serialized

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