My Lovely Ghost Kana

It’s one of those pet peeves of mine when it comes to finding something interesting. When I read Hoozuki Island and Parasyte (which I will review in a meanwhile), I got myself entangled with manga. Which to my surprise, starting to find more and more wonderful stories, particularly in the seinen demographic.

My Lovely Ghost Kana is one of those young-adult ghost stories, that somewhat has a bit of similarity from the western film Ghost with Patrick Swazey and Demi Moore. But despite the death of Patrick Swazey’s character, even death can not separate them. This one foretells how one guy’s bad luck in the verge of depression, finds life over a dead girl, in the process giving the dead a chance to live.

It has a sweet story, despite the supernatural elements present. I can feel that the characters has a good chemistry together. I find their love natural, somewhat it shows you that journey of knowing each other drew them closer together, that not only made them one, but also made the people around them closer. I didn’t expect the ending to be a happy one. But it did happen, with them living until things last. It’s a bit of a shame that the story didn’t put more depth into Kana, our ghost character, to her past. As well as dig a bit on the tragedies that Daikichi, our main character. Yet, despite the missing pieces. Concentrating¬†the story with their love is satisfying enough.

In the art department, it was done nicely. What made me comfortable reading this, is that Daikichi looks like a young-adult. Somewhat around the age of 18. I read the other works of the author, in particular Ai-Ren which tackles the same concept, but different presentation. The main character looks exactly the same as the one here. Which I think, the author doesn’t really put much effort on its male cast. But to which I don’t really mind.

Overall, I would had expected a tragic ending with Kana leaving Daikichi, or Daikichi dying leaving Kana behind. Despite of, the story manages todeliver its intent on sharing the love between a human and a ghost, and how it changes their lives to the better.

Rating: 5/5

  • glothelegend

    I liked it!

    ….at first, but then it was nothing but ghost sex. BAH. Plus, in one scene, he refers to the feel of Kana’s breast as feeling like a loaf of bread what fucking breasts feel like a loaf of bread.?

    It’s all ghost sex and it’s stupid.

    Oh, and lest we not forget Kana and the story of her demise. The story of the manga is sweet, but her death is so fucked up. Apparently, she cut off her legs and bled to death. Okay. I’ll admit she’s got balls to cut off her fucking ¬†legs and not stop halfway through, but wow.

    Oh wait never mind. Apparently she just stabbed her self in the chest repeatedly. So I guess they just brought up the whole “cutting off one’s own legs” for comedic relief.

    • Solidad

      Wasn’t that she cut her breast? Although I had the same though that this is nothing but Ghost sex. Not to mention that she is a GHOST?! How’s that even possible. Still, their chemistry manage to keep me interested until the end. I also like that part that Kana dated the Store manager. That’s one lovely story.

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