Moyashimon Returns

I would think this is one of those NoitaminA seasons that people often see it as one of its stale moments in Anime. We got an Anime soap drama and we got a sequel that I would think not many even watched. While I was one of those people, I did manage to watch the first one as the new one started. Two series, despite having the same plot thread, it did pull an entirely new direction. But did it have the flare of the first season? No.

Entirely New Direction

People who followed the series would expect this series to be in the comical, yet educational in theme. Mainly, the characters are what sells here with their setting and edu material as their tools. It is one of those “edutainment” that manage to do both without putting in favor one over the other. The second season did entirely different. Half of the series was in France and we are focused on Hasegawa than most of the other characters. The microbe gimmick is reduced into a sideshow and pretty much a lot of it has dealt with the drama. Albeit, it isn’t unannounced and has been presented in the previous season. But the problem with this series is that they dragged it far to long. I would imaged this to be a OVA feature than an actual series. I felt that this is one big “Mr Bean holiday”, but that’s just me and putting association on totally different things.

Hasegawa is an interesting character. But her story isn’t. Surely, the series did put the issue in a mature way, yet, there isn’t much to differ than going out-of-the-way to be honest, or confronting your problems. Despite that, the series still had that chemistry with their character. Hasegawa and the mustache guy and Sawaki and that french girl. But then again, those moment are far and not worth sitting a lot with character eating and dealing about finding Hasegawa for half a season. I would had wished they feature something else.

Yuuki and Sawaki

I think the best character arc that I would want to see is between Yuuki and Sawaki. I know this is my Yaoi guilty pleasure. But there is really a good air in this situation. Yuuki does have some feeling for Sawaki and he doesn’t flinch or thinks much about it. Yuuki is mysterious and interesting. The series would had chosen to have him be the central focus than Hasegawa. But then again, we may get our answers in other ways.


While it did manage to get me watching until the end (This is the only Anime that I watch on Friday, unless gg releases Ao faster).  The entertainment and educational value diminished since the first season. They went on an entirely different direction, focused on a character conflict, and slowed down the pacing.  I don’t think we will have any more of Moyashimon in the future. Better read the source material, or go read Silver Spoon.

Series Rating: 3/5

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